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Target audience 


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Target audience 

  2. 2. Age• Our main age group that our documentary focuses on is the 16-24 age bracket (mainstream) as well as the 24+ age group. As our documentary is an informative film, people of many ages can gain insight and useful information from it. It is particularly focused on the 16-24 age group as some of our documentary does involve them as well, so it also applies to them. As there are not many documentaries that focus on this age group it is good that we have chosen this age bracket as it shows that we can appeal to a new and different audience.
  3. 3. Ethnicity• There is no particular ethnicity group that we are trying to attract. Our target audiences ethnicity can range from various different backgrounds. Our audience could be White, Black , Asian or any other background; we are not focusing on one in particular. By choosing a multicultural audience it means that we are not biased to different races and judge everyone the same.
  4. 4. Social• As our target audience is mainstream (16-24) they could come from many different background such a middle class or lower class. As they are quite young they would also most likely be in full time education or employed or they could be unemployed and not in education. By using these particular groups of people in our film we are allowing our documentary to relate to us as well as the viewers. However, it is not relevant as to what our target audience do as a living or what class they are in.
  5. 5. Gender• Our target audience’s gender is unisex. Our film is for males and females and does not purely focus on one gender. It is much easier to target both sexes as what we are referring to effects both, so it only makes sense to apply it to both.• However, you can argue that we are mostly focusing on males as the child we are observing is a boy.• As we are talking about addiction, dopamine and the effects it has on children and people in general our documentary has to focus on both men and women which is why they are both our main target audience.
  6. 6. By reviewing who we are trying to attractin our film, I think this will give us a betteridea of who we are trying to attract andmake sure we apply this in our film.