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Blog question 5


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Blog question 5

  1. 1. Attracting our AUDIENCE!
  2. 2. Font style• One way in which we attracted our audience is through the font we chose. By using something quirky like ‘American Typewriting’ it attracts our teenage audience as it is not to serious and still has an element of fun. We also changed the colours so that is not all the same and is different, reflecting the opening scenes.
  3. 3. • On film which reflects ours is Juno. In Juno as the opening continues the font colour changes which is what we have done aswell. Also the classic theme song ‘Another Day’ by Jamie Lidell is also similar to Juno as it is something upbeat and happy which relates to our genre of Rom/Com.
  4. 4. Music• As I said before we used the artist Jamie Lidell’s song ‘Another Day’. It inspired our title and helps to tell the story of our film. As it is the start of a new week and “another day” the upbeat tempo and rhythm helps to reflect this and makes the audience anticipate what is to come.
  5. 5. Costume• We have gone with the traditional conventions of a nerd in our film as we have dressed our main character Ned Flame in glasses, braces and a shirt. This is similar to Napoleon Dynamite as he also dresses this way. They also have the same character/personality as they care more about their work then anything else which is shown in our film at the end when we hear Ned making strange noises but he is just being enthusiastic about something he is watching.
  6. 6. USP• The USP (unique selling point) of our opening is that we had various establishing shots at the start which is conventional for Teenage/RomCom’s as they set the scene and give the audience an understanding of what is happening in the film. Our characters are also conventional as we have the typical ladies man and the nerd. We subvert these conventions however as we have made them brothers which is not normally the case in most films.