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A intro to (hosted) Shiny Apps


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done for Munich R User group on 7th of Jun 2013

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A intro to (hosted) Shiny Apps

  1. 1. An Intro to (hosted) Shiny apps...or where are all the bees now?...or where are all the bees now? - @dakollerfor R User Group Munich
  2. 2. What is Shiny?• It is a R-based web applicationframework for interactivevisualizations.• Started by the people behindRStudio (but works w/o RStudio)• Can run locally, can be deployedon an own webserver or cn behosted by RStudio
  3. 3. Shiny Webapps are coded using textfiles(preferably using RStudio): you need• ui.R:library(shiny)# Define UI for application that plots random distributionsshinyUI(pageWithSidebar(# Application titleheaderPanel("Customer Segmenter"),• server.R:library(shiny)library(datasets)# We tweak the "am" field to have nicer factor labels. Sincethis doesnt# rely on any user inputs we can do this once at startup andthen use the# value throughout the lifetime of the applicationmpgData <- mtcarsmpgData$am <- factor(mpgData$am, labels = c("Automatic","Manual"))# Define server logic required to plot various variablesagainst mpgshinyServer(function(input, output) {...# Return the formula text for printing as a captionoutput$caption <- renderText({formulaText()})# Generate a plot of the requested variable against mpg andonly# include outliers if requestedoutput$mpgPlot <- renderPlot({boxplot(as.formula(formulaText()),
  4. 4. ...then you fire:runApp("~/Documents/workspace/..../")--> localhost:8100
  5. 5. Shiny Showcase „Bee swarms in the wild“
  6. 6. What can you do inside Shiny?• Use HTML form elements for interaction:• Sliders, Tabs, NumericInput, Select Boxes, Check Boxes• Replace Shiny-UI with an HTML5-template (default is bootstrap-like)• Upload files (for calculation)• Prepare data extracts of the report for download• Shiny can show any R output, even usage of advanced components such asRGoogleViz or ggplot2 is possible.
  7. 7. Shiny hosting by RStudio• Available in Beta-Mode• Editing via browser-enabled RStudio ( )• Immediate update after ,source‘• Special care needed when data sources show fast changing information! (orare to be updated for every run)• Register at incase you are interested!
  8. 8. Resources• Shiny, R web app framework for interactive apps: