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Cloud computing 5-17-12


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Cloud computing 5-17-12

  1. 1. Cloud Computing 5/17/2012
  2. 2. Agenda– Introductions– Report on Meetings/Conferences Attended– Upcoming Meetings– Mobile App Development– Next Meeting • June 7– Discuss Future Projects
  3. 3. Meetups• May 21-22 – OSBC: Cloud, Data, Mobility and Open Source, Hyatt Regency SF• June 13-14 Hadoop Summit, San Jose Convention Center• June 19 Introduction to Cassandra
  4. 4. Cloud Summit Sponsored by Cannonical• Takeaways:• Cannonical – Creator of Ubuntu, which is 60-80% of guest OS in Amazon Cloud – For $9K, Cannonical will set up a private cloud for 20 x86 servers• Cloud Computing - $100B at stake for Applications, OS, Middleware, Networking, Storage• Promoting “JuJu” as a cloud service orchestration management tool• HP – just released a public cloud (IaaS) – Use KVM hypervisor, Openstack – Also have a private cloud in a box, 40’ x 40’ container with 3,500 servers, 80PB storage• VMWare release BOSH, tool for cloud release engineering, deployement and lifecycle management – Note: Talking with Vmware, Cloud Foundry has had many bugs and security issues that are being addressed since initial version
  5. 5. Size of Amazon Cloud• 1/3 of daily users One third of all Internet users will access an Amazon AWS cloud site on average at least once a day• 1% of Internet traffic One percent of all Internet consumer traffic on average is coming or going to Amazom managed infrastructure• 4th largest CDN Amazon’s growing CloudFront and S3 traffic volumes recently made it the fourth largest CDN after Akamai, Limelight and Level3Source:
  6. 6. The Cloud 300 – Who is Gaining Mind Share in 1Q 2012?Top Cloud Enablers Gaining Mind Share in 1Q 2012.1. Amazon2. Salesforce.com3. GoogleApps4. EMC5. Citrix6. Dell - Boomi7. Microsoft8. IBM9. HP10. CASource: Ray DePena Blog