SmartPhone 101 workshop - Selwyn August 2012


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How to set up your smartphone out of the box and some must have business apps for productivity

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SmartPhone 101 workshop - Selwyn August 2012

  1. 1. Being Smart with your Smartphone August 2012
  2. 2. Fresh out of the box, now what?Skype: @dakinane mail: web:
  3. 3. Fresh out of the box, now what?Skype: @dakinane mail: web:
  4. 4. Fresh out of the box, now what? Skype: @dakinane mail: web:
  5. 5. Fresh out of the box, now what? Q1 2012 Shipped Smartphones Samsung: 44.5 million Apple: 35.1 million Skype: @dakinane mail: web:
  6. 6. Fresh out of the box, now what?Closed eco-system Open eco-system Skype: @dakinane mail: web:
  7. 7. Setting up your SmartphoneSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  8. 8. Home ScreenSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  9. 9. Navigation Continuous ScrollScroll backwards and forwards Skype: @dakinane mail: web:
  10. 10. Set up WiFiSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  11. 11. Set up Password ProtectionSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  12. 12. Manage Your DataSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  13. 13. Set up BluetoothSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  14. 14. Set up Flight ModeSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  15. 15. NotificationsSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  16. 16. Location Services – Spy or Service?Skype: @dakinane mail: web:
  17. 17. Set up Mail AccountsSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  18. 18. Create FoldersPress and hold anyicon until it “jiggles” Press Menu button Skype: @dakinane mail: web:
  19. 19. Organise your StuffSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  20. 20. Download AppsSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  21. 21. From txt to app. Making your phone smart Apps to make your phone productive…Skype: @dakinane mail: web:
  22. 22. Productivity Must Have Apps Skype: TXT, Video Calling, Phone CallsSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  23. 23. Productivity Must Have Apps Viber: TXT, Images, Phone CallsSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  24. 24. Productivity Must Have Apps Hey Tell: Voice MessagesSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  25. 25. Productivity Must Have Apps Evernote: Webclips, audio, images, notesSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  26. 26. Productivity Must Have Apps Dropbox: Cloud based file storageSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  27. 27. Productivity Must Have Apps Sugar Synch: Cross Platform file readerSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  28. 28. Productivity Must Have Apps Kindle: PDF document storage QR Reader: Reads and stores QR codes Business Card Reader: Reads and stores business cardsSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  29. 29. Productivity Must Have Apps Find iPhone: Locates, locks, wipes your iPhone Find My Phone: Sends alerts, rings, notifiesSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  30. 30. Productivity Must Have Apps Hootsuite: Manage Twitter and Facebook Join Me: Collaborative meeting space Tweetdeck: Manage Twitter accounts Documents to Go: Your files anywhereSkype: @dakinane mail: web:
  31. 31. For more workshops covering: • Mobile Technologies for business • Using apps to keep you informed away from the office • Social Media for business – build the right plan for you • Twitter - Facebook reaching the right audience for your businessContact David: 021 100 5087 – 09 889 2375 –