2012 uhps staff_meeting_june


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Integrating elearning tools into SOLO maps.

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2012 uhps staff_meeting_june

  1. 1. Upper Harbour School Staff Meeting June 2012
  2. 2. Classroom Management of E-learning
  3. 3. Tools for CollaborationClustering groups around one virtual collaborative space: Think of these as your mini whiteboards
  4. 4. Tools for Capturing Student VoiceRapid capture/sharing of student ideas Think of these as your board markers
  5. 5. Tools for PublishingRapid publishing of Student ideas, peer and community feedback Think of posts as pages in an exercise book.
  6. 6. So SOLO and E-learning
  7. 7. So What Does it Look Like in the Class?Activity 1:Plan immersion lesson for topic T3 2012 - StructuresPlan to use: Define Map, Wallwisher, possibly Audioboo• How would you do this without these tools?• What question(s) can you use to key the students in?• How will you manage their content?• How can you use their content again?
  8. 8. So What Does it Look Like in the Class?Whole class: • Collaboration allows whole class to contribute • Rapid capture of student thoughts/perceptions/ideas • Resource can scaffold those that need it • Everyone has the opportunity to contribute • Final resource is springboard to more learning – remix or re-use
  9. 9. So What Does it Look Like in the Class?
  10. 10. So What Does it Look Like in the Class?Group/individual: • Individuals can use group resource to define relevant/not relevant • Jing captures reasoning without compromising • Class consensus is the group resource • Individual/group evidence is also recorded and published for comparison
  11. 11. So What Does it Look Like in the Class?Activity 2:Plan to use Define data to help students use Describe Map to further focus theirInquiry.Plan to use: Define Map, Describe Map• How would you do this without electronic tools?• Is this a group or whole class activity?• How will you manage the student outcomes?
  12. 12. So What Does it Look Like in the Class?Group/individual: • Using Mind42 creates describe from central jump point • Mind42 maps can be linked • Mind 42 is collaborative – multiple users working on same space • Students can record open ended questions as they work on each node • An arm can morph into either a Sequence or Classify map too.
  13. 13. So What Does it Look Like in the Class?Group/individual: The key: • Published outcomes are frequent and are not just the endpoint • Use published outcomes as resources for more learning/scaffolding • Embedding keeps the content in one place – even if created in many • Constantly re-use content • Identify road blocks – simplify and break down tasks - independence • Tools should be easy to use • Quick to create content • Embeddable