2012 pinehill parent-meeting


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Presentation given to parents at Pinehill about elearning and the prospect of BYOD in the school.

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  • The multimedia world we live in is the norm for our students It has had an impact on the way their brains are wired Their brains are wired differently to ours
  • Slide rule was the only technological aid I had a school Calculators were resisted as it was thought it would make maths too easy and effect results The coolest technology of the time
  • This is the world of our children Always on, always there, Internet Answers can be found in seconds, work can be shared Boundaryless, virtual, interactive, collaborative Rapidly expanding and ever changing
  • Everything that technology is to most of us, is the complete opposite to our students
  • Social networking for kids If we do not keep them engaged in school, they will drift away from it and they are We need to ensure that we package learning in engaging, relevant and authentic ways to them Technology has to be at the centre of the way that we deliver the content we have to
  • X readers F readers Soak up information Images before text
  • Elearning needs to develop these skills New literacies for the C21 to complement and extend the existing literacies Digital Citizenship has to be a big focus for the school in collaboration with the wider parent community
  • It is essential that we prepare our students for the new workplace with the appropriate skills to thrive and succeed
  • Learning in school should be mobile Collaborative between students Between classes Between schools Between countries BYOD an initiative Some excellent videos to share more
  • 2012 pinehill parent-meeting

    1. 1. Pinehill SchoolParent Evening May 2012
    2. 2. Our children are wired differently!
    3. 3. Technology in school has evolved a bit..
    4. 4. The world of our children is different to ours
    5. 5. For our children technology is… …intuitive …everywhere …fast paced and crucially …ever changing
    6. 6. Social networking for the under 10’sMarc Prensky: Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants 2001http://bit.ly/tlb2NF
    7. 7. They even read differently http://www.useit.com/alertbox/reading_pattern.html
    8. 8. You Tube and the visual learner 2nd most used search engine after Google 24 hours of new content added every minute. 400+ years to view all the content 2 billion videos viewed every day 000 000 000 http://www.viralblog.com/research/youtube-statistics/
    9. 9. C21 Skills for the workplaceCollaboration Problem SolvingGenerate new Adaptability knowledge Digital Citizenship
    10. 10. The workplace of our childrenWill be….…different from ours…collaborative…non linear…not life long, multiple careers…full of careers and problems we can’t envisage
    11. 11. Education needs to adapt to deliver C21 skills http://bit.ly/d01JVchttp://bit.ly/dtwXou
    12. 12. Further ReadingBorn Digital Grown Up DigitalPalfrey, J. and Gasser, U. Tapscott, D. Understanding the Digital Generation Jukes, I. McCain, T. Crockett, L. and Prensky, M.