Lunch2.0: Internet librarian 2011


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Lunch2.0 is a monthly session on emerging technologies for the staff of the UC Irvine Libraries

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  • Ebooks putting the issues on the table12 % of the population has ereaders. Digital divide and the haves and have notesNot just need to have an ereader, other readers need high speed and fast computers, kindle has changed thatAmazon rant - easy compared to adobe digital editions, amazon has statistics we need but won't give us, still issues with drm and costsWe don't read the fine print - taking what they give us but we need to look better at what we are getting.Terms of services - override copyright law, some crazy stuff in there, don't like how using amazon puts library information in a corporations hands, goes against our privacy beliefsCant share with an ebook with a client, wants a page or a chapter not a whole book. Wants to have content across all platforms not pay per device.Kids made more mistakes using ebooks than with print -Students will be able to read print and non print materialsNeed to educate students to work in an online environment at much lower levels, to prepare them for collegeDrm does not workCost benefit analysis for ebooks, depends on what your lending and to whom, we don't get discounts on digital content compared to print discounts, sometimes we spend more than the average user,Look at open libraryWe don't have say ala speaking and fighting for us in reference to ebooksDifference between the container and the contentLoaning devices is a bit like taking a stance and saying this is a good product and should we be doing it.Content with no DRM, reasonable pricing, own the content so you can take it with you3m and the cloud - beta testing, pricing structure isn't built for all libraries, no academic titlesWe don't sign contracts with our print vendors why do we have to for digital booksLibrary renewal.orgEbooks really are still in the beta phase.Ebooks and the future of publishingOxford index, metatagging data so that their ebooks can be searchedEreaders - worked with the major readers for 5 or 6 years to have distribution agreementsOverdrive predicts that their will be 16 million downloads through 2011 of books, huge growth of ebook usageApps: the next frontier - free from being bound by one copyrightTrying to break books apartHopefully be able to rent applications? Note: why should we rent if we already pay for itTextbooks - needs to work anywhere on anything, browser independent and learning environment independent, ADA compliant, learning style independentCopyright has gotten out of control aboutBookishLendle24 symbolsPartnershi​ps an relationsh​ips for impactXInboxX Reply |Danielle to me show details Oct 18 Partnerships an relationships for impactRead postersLove your libraryScan day - building a community memoryPatrons bring in locally important materialsItems get digitized, information is gathered, patrons receive a copy, available on the webPatrons connect to the library, items coming out of hiding, families sharing, technology working, a fun buzzy dayWhat did it take - marketing (set expectations), staff/volunteers, training, equipment, software, proceduresGreeting station, flatbed scanners, rotary scanner, photograph booth, slide scanning,Save the worksheet, save to key directory, scan the items into the directory, capture as jpeg, crop rotate if needed, check off the itemsNikon cools an 5000Pre-printed disks with promo informationCut all images to diskGive disk to patronOCR documents
  • Tech change1990 - 2000 - pendular change2000 - 2010 - incremental value adds2010 - 2020 - pendular change - yet againFuture of tech - find and create information, value added analysis, transformVisual web will ruleVisual search meets augmented reality - no tags needed, query results are, prediction - all media will be streamed through the Internet with one visual search. based computing - are we there yetMoving away from touch to gestureWhat lib are doingWish listWhat is coming down the pipelinePrime sense 3d sensing technology100 libraries - half said they didn't have anything and some were thinking about it, half are using itTablets, smartphones, game consoles, ereaders, interactive 42% have game consolesPreload course materials on a tabletRoving referenceTrainingGadget stationsE-kits trainingTechnology sandbox - perceptive sensing wallDelft, Netherlands - Microsoft surface tableLending iPads to doctorsIs there a screenshot appnfor android?Wish listiPads compatible with flashLack of accebilty file managementSync all applications3d sensing technologySmart tvWearable - sixth sense has videosElliptic labsGesturetek - gets point maestro 3dSifteo cubes - digital building blocks - intelligent playPrepare for what is coming up nextSent from my iPadFuture ready't solve problems clone successGetting things doneAssigning work to their students - keeping a list onlineSharing project status -Asking questions and sharing informationUsing bloggerAssignment posts - details on what to doEasy and freeSave and organize your timeLabel and tagging feature in bloggerSupervise remotely - no break in supervision if supervisor is out of townCapture robust project dataBoss who wants fast and freeCadre of committeesOrganization resistant to changeStart with education-Speak their languageEasySpeak their other, other language - sex up each of their projectEverything is betaWork around limitationsBuilding allies among opponentsSay no to no -Retain authority - gentlyStorytellingHttp://www.thisweekinlibraries.comDelft public library - DOKLABHeritage browserMicrosoft surface - second version should be cheaper, coming out in January?Object recognition -Informative, social, and attractive aspectsProject PMultitouchflickr viewer - choose flickr photo sets and have them load to the tableWhats next - concept of how it would look in the library
  • Lunch2.0: Internet librarian 2011

    1. 1. Revolutionizing the Net withContent, Connections & Conversations November 15, 2011
    2. 2. Information & Learning for the Future John Seely Brown Chief of Confusion; Visiting Scholar at USC; Independent Co- Chairman of the Deloitte Center for the Edge & Author, The New Culture of Learning
    3. 3.  Major Upcoming Mobile Trends QR Codes in Action Next Big Trends: NFC iLibrarian: virtual, iPads and mobile devices Turning Information into Insights E-collections and E-Devices
    4. 4. Libraries and Learning Communities Lee Rainie Director, Pew Internet Project learning-communities-internet-librarian
    5. 5.  Ebooks: putting the issues on the table Ebooks and The Future of Publishing Talk About Ebook Preservation Partnerships and Relationships For Impact Social Media Lessons From The Ad World
    6. 6. Second Period Power Play First Period Red Team Red Challenges Blue Red Team Blue Team Blue Challenges Red Blue Team Slideshare Tiki-Toki LMGTFY DropBox Prezi Google Docs GliffyChrome Remote Desktop Doodle Muse Zotero Recollection EtherPAD Skype IFTTT Aviary
    7. 7.  Internet 2020: TrendWatch Smackdown Liz Lawley, Director, RIT Lab for Social Computing Steve Abram, VP, Cengage Learning James Werle, Director, Internet2 K20 Initiative Roy Tennant, OCLC
    8. 8.  Tech Change Future Ready365 Getting Things Done Storytelling Tools on Multitouch Solutions
    9. 9.  Gamification: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Elizabeth Lane Lawley Director, RIT Lab for Social Computing, Rochester Institute of Technology
    10. 10. 15 minutes
    11. 11.