Beyond Creation: Managing and Maintaining a Virtual Presence


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Poster given at the virtual conference, "The Future is Now".

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Beyond Creation: Managing and Maintaining a Virtual Presence

  1. 1. Beyond Creation:<br />Managing and Maintaining <br />a Virtual Presence<br />Danielle Kane<br />SL Avatar Name: Mica Braun & Anteater Beaumont<br />Research Librarian for Emerging Technologies and Service Innovation<br />University of California, Irvine Libraries<br />
  2. 2. History of Anteater Island<br />Created in 2007<br />Mission: <br />Highlight library services and to offer a platform for research and teaching to UC Irvine faculty.<br />Design Concept:<br /> Sandbox plots surrounding a central library square.<br />Land Management: <br />Plots can be deeded to interested affiliates for limited periods of time.<br />Anteater Island pre-2009<br />Anteater Island post-2009<br />
  3. 3. Creating Vision<br />Anteater Beaumont<br />Estate Manager<br /><ul><li>Draw on the mission, goals and objectives of your organization
  4. 4. Describe what you want to see in the future
  5. 5. Be positive and inspiring
  6. 6. Do not assume that the system will be the same in the future
  7. 7. Be open to dramatic changes within your organization, i.e. teaching techniques, facilities, methodologies, etc.</li></li></ul><li>Building and Freebies<br />On Anteater Island:<br />Prims:<br />718 used out of 1538<br />Scripts:<br />Join group<br />Tracker / message keeper<br />Visitor counter<br />Welcome mat<br />URL / notecardgiver<br />Products:<br />FreeView TV and remote<br />SL group<br />
  8. 8. Immersion<br />A member of the team should be fully immersed in the virtual world. <br />They can keep up on:<br />New ways to utilize the world<br />Changes to the system<br />New opportunities<br />Possible areas of collaboration<br />Upcoming issues in virtual worlds<br />Fully understand how to utilize the Second Life Viewer<br />
  9. 9. Managing and Maintaining a Virtual Presence<br />Skills<br />Building, scripting, modding<br />Image creation / visual design<br />Dealing with media<br />Estate / land management<br />Training <br />Project management<br />Leading teams<br />Marketing<br />Cheerleader<br />Explorer<br />
  10. 10. Managing a Virtual World Team<br />Beyond the 8 keys to having great meetings:<br /><ul><li>Empower your team members
  11. 11. Training in Second Life and its tools and systems
  12. 12. Open upthe vision ofthe island to feedback
  13. 13. Go on tours / fieldtrips
  14. 14. When able, meet in the virtual space
  15. 15. Plan the future together</li></li></ul><li>Evaluation x 3<br />1. Determine your needs:<br /><ul><li>Perform needs assessment</li></ul>2. Evaluate your options:<br /><ul><li>Compare technologies using: who, what, when, where and why</li></ul>3. The final evaluation:<br /><ul><li>Determine evaluation criteria
  16. 16. Continued need by faculty and students
  17. 17. Visitor traffic
  18. 18. Does space continue to meet needs</li></li></ul><li>The Future….<br /><ul><li>Visual Literacy Tutorial
  19. 19. Celebration of UC Irvine Anniversary
  20. 20. Second Life Viewer 2 Beta</li></li></ul><li>Special Thanks<br />Second Life Team (2009 - )<br /><ul><li>Danielle Kane, co-chair
  21. 21. Julia Gelfand, co-chair
  22. 22. Virginia Allison
  23. 23. Brian Williams</li></ul>L-R: Brian Williams (Bison Gothly), Danielle Kane (Mica Braun, Anteater Beaumont,) Virginia Allison (Exlibris Xaris)<br />