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Using Digital Media to Improve Teaching and Learning


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My part of a presentation delivered with JISC Digital Media at the JISC Conference 2011.

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Using Digital Media to Improve Teaching and Learning

  1. 1. Using Digital Mediato EnhanceTeaching andLearning#jiscdigitalStephen Gray, JISC Digital MediaDoug Belshaw, JISC infoNetZak Mensah, JISC Digital MediaJane WIlliams, Bristol University
  2. 2. Landscape & overview Doug Belshaw Researcher/Analyst JISC infoNet
  3. 3. Landscape & overview Focused example of not getting the upside.
  4. 4. Landscape & overview "[S]tudents... stay at home and skim online notes or flick through podcasts and video recordings of classes. A third of students consider this a substitute for attendance, according to a nationwide survey of 2422 first-year students...
  5. 5. Landscape & overview What is attendance?
  6. 6. Landscape & overview Which type of attendance do they mean?
  7. 7. Landscape & overview Attention-based definition
  8. 8. Landscape & overview Attendance, n. 1. The action or condition of applying ones mind or observant faculties to something. 2. The action or condition of turning ones energies to; assiduous effort. CC BY-NC-SA Geir Halvorsen
  9. 9. Landscape & overview Service-based definition
  10. 10. Landscape & overview Attendance, n. 3. The action or condition of waiting upon, accompanying, or escorting a person. 4. The action or condition of an inferior in waiting the leisure, convenience, or decision of a superior. CC BY zappowbang
  11. 11. Landscape & overview Community-based definition
  12. 12. Landscape & overview Attendance, n. 6. The action of coming or fact of being present, in answer to a summons, or to take part in public business, entertainment, instruction, worship, etc. CC BY-NC-SA baldorak2208
  13. 13. Landscape & overviewAttendance:• Service-based?• Community-based?• Attention-based? CC BY-NC-SA atomicshark
  14. 14. Landscape & overview JISC Design Studio
  15. 15. Landscape & overview Springboard TV West Anglia College
  16. 16. Landscape & overview Students as Change Agents Exeter University change-agents
  17. 17. Landscape & overviewAttendance worksbest as Attention andCommunity
  18. 18. Landscape & overview Teachers that can be replaced by a machine should be. Arthur C. Clarke
  19. 19. Landscape & overview Learning with digital media is different.
  20. 20. Landscape & overview
  21. 21. Landscape & overview Effective Practice Effective Assessment in a Digital Age in a Digital Age
  22. 22. Landscape & overview What makes a measurable difference in teaching and learning?
  23. 23. Landscape & overview5 effect sizes directly 1.0 = onerelevant to digital media: standard deviation • Feedback: 1.13 • Instructional quality: 1.00 • Acceleration: 0.72 • Peer tutoring: 0.50 • Instructional media: 0.30
  24. 24. Landscape & overview Visible Learning; a synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses relating to achievement (John Hattie)
  25. 25. Landscape & overview Effective Practice in a Digital Age FREE! (JISC)
  26. 26. Landscape & overviewAttention-based attendance through digital media (p.21)
  27. 27. Landscape & overview Effective Assessment FREE! in a Digital Age (JISC)
  28. 28. Landscape & overview Real-world assessment using digital media (p.48-9)
  29. 29. Landscape & overview Learning Literacies for the Digital Age (LLiDA) - Framework of Frameworks (p.35) FREE! Learner Experiences of e-Learning - Responding to Learners Pack (guides for different job roles) MoLeNet - examples of changes and approaches for using mobile technologies in learning and teaching environments
  30. 30. Landscape & overview Cross-JISC programme on digital literacies planned (subject to funding)
  31. 31. Landscape & overview Emerging Practice in a Digital Age Launch: ALT-C 2011 Purpose: - Encourage use of emerging technologies - Provide starter guide for effective implementation - Guidance around managing integration of institutional and Web 2.0 technologies