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Are Open Badges the Future for Accrediting Skills?


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A presentation for the e-Assessment conference 2012 on 31 August 2012.

Published in: Education, Technology

Are Open Badges the Future for Accrediting Skills?

  1. e-Assessment Scotland Conference 2012 / @dajbelshaw / Are Open Badges the Future for Accrediting Skills? Doug Belshaw
  2. YEP
  3. Who are you? Dr. Doug Belshaw Badges & Skills Lead Mozilla Foundation @dajbelshaw
  4. Mozilla!
  5. MozFest 2010
  6. Silo 2Silo 1 Silo 3
  7. What if we usedbadges for learning?
  8. Not just digital badges but Open Badges
  9. Open Badges are images withmetadata hard-coded into them
  10. Visual representations ofachievements, learning, skills, interests, competencies
  11. Open Badges can complement traditional education practices
  12. They can accommodate formal & informal learning pathways
  13. They can represent hard & soft skills, peer assessment, and stackable lifelong learning
  14. Open Badges can capturelearning wherever & however itoccurs—allowing for innovation
  15. StealthAssessment
  16. Open Badges?(What about degrees, certificates, diplomas?)
  17. Not simply either/or —both/and!
  18. How do we get there?
  19. Through a shared badgeecosystem & infrastructure: a universal standard.
  20. OpenBadgeInfrastructure(OBI)
  22. after-school program free online course government agency
  23. DISPLAY SITES personal web site job sites social networking WordPress / Tumblr profiles
  24. RESULTS jobs new unlock learning opportunities
  25. Issuers & Endorsers Earners Displayers
  26. Who’s involved?
  29. Any questions for me yet?
  30. What’s next?
  31. Open BadgesQ1: public betaQ3: Improved UxQ3: Open BadgerQ3: Improved Displayer APIQ3: Endorsement APIQ4: OBI v1.0
  32. The future.
  33. Ask me hard questions!In person!On Twitter: @dajbelshawVia email: Useful links: