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Landmarks for the future of security leadership


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Landmarks for the future of security leadership

  1. 1. Landmarks for the future of security leadership Insights from the 2014 IBM Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Assessment 6 2 0/0 develop their security strategy in conjunction with other g strategies in their organization I L ‘~ (primarily IT, risk and operations). ' ' 820/0 of security leaders [ t V { participate in strategic/ C—suite , meetings quarterly or more frequently. F / t. .~. h‘q F‘—‘i More than 70% see themselves as very mature with respect to network intrusion prevention, professionals — companies have to r create their own programs. 1 t Nearly report an ‘_‘ increase in their overall security -/ budget from last year. :(E‘. ’: 1) Shore up cloud, mobile and Mobile and device management ranked at the Very bOttOrn for security technology maturity. ‘ . advanced malware detection and 790/0 Said the onattenge from 4 network vulnerability scanning. government regutettone and industry standards has increased over the past three years. - Z - 0 say that universities should ' t 4 1 not be the sole source of security ‘ _ A _ Close to 600/0 of security leaders said the 4 sophistication of attackers was outstripping their defenses. 8 60/0 of respondents think , industry—wide security groups will become more necessary in the next three to five years. data security 2) Enhance leadership and education skills 3) Engage in more external collaboration 4) Plan for multiple government scenarios Scale: 1/16" = 1/4 mile I I I IBM Center for Applied Insights ibm. com/ ibmcai | ibmcai Source: Fortifying for the future: Insights from the 2014 Chief Information Security Officer Assessment