Woodville Elementary School<br />To:  Alison Anglin, Principal<br />& QIC Team<br />From:  Donna James, MS Intern <br />Da...
Mc self eval memo
Mc self eval memo
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Mc self eval memo


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Evaluation of media center - Self Eval Rubric

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Mc self eval memo

  1. 1. Woodville Elementary School<br />To: Alison Anglin, Principal<br />& QIC Team<br />From: Donna James, MS Intern <br />Date: February 7, 2011<br />Subject: Media Center Program Self-Evaluation<br />In order to ensure the media program is serving the needs of the students and faculty, Mrs. L and I conducted a self-evaluation using the Georgia DOE 2011 Library Media Program Self-Evaluation Rubric. The evaluation has three levels of proficiency from basic to exemplary and has five different categories with target indicators. I would like to share the results of this evaluation and a plan of action of how to improve our media center. I have attached the complete rubric for your consideration.<br />I will begin with an area in which I feel we have little control at this point due to the current and future budget constraints and state requirements. Staffing is an area in which we scored basic in that we provide no less than half time services of a library media specialist but will not be able to improve because of base size of 450 students. There are areas that we can improve. Also, the allocation for the media program meets the minimum expenditure tests. Due do budget restraints, I do not foresee exceeding the minimum state allocation. This year, the media center has trimmed 20% off the budget, resulting in a loss of funds of $700.00.<br />We scored exemplary in several areas. The media center is a critical element in the school’s reading program and meets the needs of both the reading/language arts curriculum and recreational reading. Under administrative support, the school system maintains communication among the LMS in the district and encourages links on school and district websites.<br />There are areas in which we scored basic. Student achievement is routinely assessed is primarily by the classroom teachers. School schedules may override preferable flexible scheduling. Local school library media committees meeting once or twice a year <br />In the area of student achievement and instruction, the media center received proficient ratings in four out of six areas, one exemplary rating, and one basic rating. The indicator of student achievement is routinely assessed scored basic because the classroom teachers are responsible for assessing student achievement. In order to move to proficient, the teachers and the LMS need to collaborate and develop rubrics for assessing student achievement in regards to literacy skills taught. I propose an initial meeting where we can discuss this with the teachers and receive input from them. This will lead to more collaboration and better student achievement. <br />One area under student achievement and instruction where we scored proficient, I would like to propose a plan to enhance the use of student data to design activities that would lead to student achievement. The LMS needs to be involved in reviewing student data in order to allow support of instructional strategies and learning activities. This coincides with collaborating with the teachers to develop rubrics or other effective means for assessing student achievement. Monthly grade level meetings with the LMS would allow collaboration and review of student data. The LMS can provide resources to enhance learning activities. A collaborative planning log form can be used to allow better communication between the classroom teacher and the media specialist.<br />In the area of Facilities, Access, and Resources we can move from basic to proficient in flexible scheduling by offering to open the media center before or after school. By opening the media center at 7:30 a.m. this would allow students more time to check out books or to locate information needed for class assignments. I would also propose having the media center open in the afternoons two to three days a week. By extending the hours to 3:30 this would allow more access. The media specialist would need to be relieved of car duty on those days. <br />I would appreciate any feedback you can give on the areas in which I have outlined for improving our media center. Thank you for your time and consideration of these important issues in our media center.<br />s<br /> <br /> <br />