Radiant LED Curtain


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Radiant,a company dedicated to provide creative&flexible LED curtains for events, is cooperating with world-wide leading AV companies

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Radiant LED Curtain

  1. 1. About Radiant ——Fly your creative thinking!
  2. 2. Radiant History 2012 2011 2010 •Going to develop 2009 •Released Linx 15, •Released Linx12, Floor video 2008 Linx 18, Linx9 •1st 25,30 •Reach 2007 generation •Cooperate cooperation •Began the •Cooperate of Linx 37 with with brands design of soft with shocked the worldwide in each mesh P50, European Set-up her own market video country/regi P75,P150 leading LED R&D team solutions on •Upgrade solution brands, Linx 37 company such as •Began EZ PixLED VER, PRG, series Barco etcStarted from 2006 as a LED trading company
  3. 3. Sales in 2011 & Prospect for 201278 million RMB 100 million RMB
  4. 4. Radiant’s young team
  5. 5. Products ------Linx Series Linx 12: Linx 18:Linx 9: •Pixel Pitch:12.5mm •Pixel Pitch:18.75mm•Pixel Pitch: 9.375mm •Pixel Configuration: SMD •Pixel Configuration: SMD•Pixel Configuration: SMD •Brightness: 2500cd/㎡ •Brightness: 4500cd/㎡•Brightness: 1600cd/㎡ •Transparency: 15% •Transparency: 40%•Transparency: 10% •Tile size: 120*30*1.22cm •Tile size:120*29.2*1.22cm•Tile size: 120*29.2*1.22cm •Weight/㎡: 11.68kg/ 25.78lbs •Weight/㎡: 9.87kg/ 21.75 lbs•Weight /㎡ : 13.3 kg/ 29.46lbs •Max Power/ ㎡: 556W •Max Power/ ㎡: 500W•Max Power/ ㎡: 440W •Each 3,000W Power Unit control •Each 3,000W Power Unit control•Each 3,000W Power Unit control 16pcs tiles 4H*3W tiles4H*3W tiles
  6. 6. Products ------Linx SeriesLinx 25: Linx 30: Linx 37:•Pixel Pitch: 25mm •Pixel Pitch: 31.25mm •Pixel Pitch: 37.5mm•Pixel Configuration: SMD •Pixel Configuration: SMD •Pixel Configuration: SMD•Brightness: 2800cd/㎡ •Brightness: 2400cd/㎡ •Brightness: 2000cd/㎡•Transparency: 50% •Transparency: 55% •Transparency: 57%•Tile size: 120*29.2*1.05cm •Tile size: 100*25*1.1cm •Tile size: 120*30*1.15cm•Weight /㎡ : 8.06kg/ 17.75lbs •Weight /㎡ : 7.6kg/ 16.75lbs •Weight /㎡ : 8.11kg/ 17.88lbs•Max Power/ ㎡: 320W •Max Power/ ㎡: 280W •Max Power/ ㎡: 194W•Each 3,000W Power Unit control •Each 2,000W Power Unit control •Each 2,000W Power Unit control24pcs tiles 24pcs tiles 24pcs tiles
  7. 7. Products ------Linx Series Key Features of Linx Series High refresh rate to realize completely flicker-free under live broadcast  High transparency without compromising brightness Key Features:  Fully compatible in module size, signal and power distribution to allow mix-use of different products to Linx 75: create different effects. •Pixel Pitch: 75mm  Allow stage effects, such as light, smoke& air pass trough easily •Pixel Configuration: SMD  Weather-proof: real IP65 •Brightness: 1500cd/㎡  Capable of concave and convex to fit events designer •Transparency: 70% requirements •Tile size: 120*29.2*1.34cm Fast install and tear down •Weight /㎡ : 3.75kg/ 8.27 lbs Light in weight saves transportation and installation labor cost •Max Power/ ㎡: 56W Standard package size to fit fork lift and truck size •Each 1,000W Power Unit control 32pcs tiles
  8. 8. Products ------Soft Mesh SeriesSoft 50: Soft 75: Soft 150:•Pixel Pitch: 50mm •Pixel Pitch: 75mm •Pixel Pitch: 150mm•Pixel Configuration: SMD •Pixel Configuration: SMD •Pixel Configuration: SMD•Brightness: 1600cd/㎡ •Brightness: 800cd/㎡ •Brightness: 200cd/㎡•Transparency: 49% •Transparency: 64% •Transparency: 81%•Tile size: 160*80 cm •Tile size: 120*120cm •Tile size: 120*120cm•Weight /㎡ : 3.28kg/ 7.23lbs •Weight /㎡ : 1.67kg/ 3.67lbs •Weight /㎡ : 0.67kg/ 1.47lbs•Max Power/ ㎡: 160W •Max Power/ ㎡: 80W •Max Power/ ㎡: 20W
  9. 9. Soft Mesh P50 Soft Mesh P75
  10. 10. Soft Mesh P150 Soft Mesh P150
  11. 11. Linx-12F & linx-18F: Linx-12F Linx-18F
  12. 12. May, 2010, under the cooperation with XL Video, 400.32 sqm Linx37were used on the Bon Jovi circle tour (US & Japan).
  13. 13. 2011 Detroit Auto Show:300sqm Linx30 at The Lexus Stand.
  14. 14. 18th, Nov.2010, linx30 used in Oman National Day.
  15. 15. LEA stage display---projected by PRG, product---400sqm linx30
  16. 16. 2011 Winter Asian Game Opening Ceremony---projected by PRG -1000sqm linx-30 & 6000sqm soft-229
  17. 17. Linx-18 in 2011 China Movie Award ,August 28th,
  18. 18. Rock Record 30 anniversary concert in Shanghai -300sqm linx-30 in circle design
  19. 19. Be Creative & Innovative That’s Radiant !
  20. 20. Thanks for your attention!