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Seized Film Plan


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Seized Film Plan

  1. 1. Seized.One step too far.
  2. 2. Narrative: Equilibrium: - Normal family day. - Teenage girl walking home from college. Problem – Disequilibrium: - Mum gets new boyfriend – Daughter doesn’t like it. - Boyfriend (investigator) isn’t getting enough recognition at work. Action: - Investigator kidnaps girlfriends daughter to show his full potential at work to solve an investigation. - Mum Starts to get suspicious. Resolution: - Mum’s suspicions come true. - Kidnapper gets found out. - Girl Released. - Kidnapper put in prison. - Normal life returns.
  3. 3. Characters: Mum Daughter Boyfriend(investigator) Investigators/Police Girls friends Head teacher Daughter’s boyfriend
  4. 4. Setting. Garages, Alleyways (Welling) Represents walking home from school Dark and gloomy Mood – scary. Visual Style: - Handheld camera -Black and white shots gradually changes to colour film. -Point of view shot -Ipod sound (quite music, loud music) -Digetic/Non- Digetic sound.