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Wave cut platform.( Swaleh Mohamed )


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A presentation on landforms created my coastal erosion for geography class, created and present by one of my mates, Swaleh

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Wave cut platform.( Swaleh Mohamed )

  1. 1. Coastal Erosion Content Erosion Processes Erosion landforms Wave-cut Platform Formation of a Wave-cut Platform Conclusion
  2. 2. Erosion Processes Hydraulic the wearingforce rocks There are-wheremain typesofofandtothey hitrock by air into erosion fragments Attrition - -Action-mineralsof rocks as broken againstthe Abrasion- the breakdownforce of waterrockin the Coast. Scouring occurs the Solution four where rock waves dissolved Wave Pounding -sheerof waterdue arecompressing each in hitting rocks cracks other in the rock, in the the base of it repeats until the being hurled against cliffswater. andcliffs fragments swirl around at salt and chemicals cracks expand rock is eroded
  3. 3. Erosion Landforms
  4. 4. Formation of Wave-cut Platform All the erosion processes apply to forming a Wave cut platform.
  5. 5. Examples of wave cut platform Hunstanton (North Norfolk). Flamborough Head (Yorkshire). Southern down, South Wales.