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Think like a teacher


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This project might help students understand probability and assess their knowledge.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Think like a teacher

  1. 1. My dear students, When I grade your test you always ask me if you can earn partial credits rather than be graded on an all-right or all –wrong basis. This is why I am given you an assignment which I called “Think like a teacher”. I am asking you to grade some examples of fictional student work. This is only one problem with four different solutions. This problem is worth four points. You need to decide whether partial credit is to be given and, if so, on what basis. Please take into consideration the following: • Would you give partial points for writing the correct formula even is the mathematical portion of the solution is incorrect? • Which do we value more – the answer or the method? • What if a student made a small error in arithmetic? • What if a student showed no work at all but wrote the correct answer? Please write your thoughts about grading this problem. Justify them. Also, please answer the question: What is fair? As an example of grading, you can use the rubric from any MATH B Regents exam. Enjoy your grading.
  2. 2. Ms. S.