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  1. 1. Famous Serial Killers
  2. 2. Who is the• The Son of Sam (David Berkowitz) was a deranged American serial killer who terrorized the city of New York in the summer of 1976-1977. He killed 6 people and wounding 7 others. Berkowitz said that he was commanded to kill by a demon who possessed his neighbors dog. Berkowitz also claims to have been apart of a satanic cult.• Most of Berkowitz victims were blonde which had the people of new york dying there hair color to brunette’s . He also killed couples. Shooting a fatal shot to the female but wounding the male.
  3. 3. • David Berkowitz named himself the “Son Of Sam” because The owner of the dog that was sending David all the demonic order’s was called Sam. Therefore he named himself that• What makes Berkowitz different from other serial killers was that he always left a Note taunting the police a the crime scene of one of his victims.
  4. 4. Letters like these
  5. 5. His most renown letter.
  6. 6. Son Of Sam Victims
  7. 7. How Many Victims did SON OF SAM have?• He killed 6 people and wounding 7• Donna Lauria, Bobby Violante, Rosemary Keenan, Carl Denaro, Kristine Freund, Stacy Moskawitz + more
  8. 8. Murder WeaponAlthough, David Berkowitzbegan his killing spreeusing a knife as hispreferred weapon, he wasalso known as the .44Caliber Killer. He made theswitch from edged weaponto a 44. caliber CharterArms Bulldog Pug.interestingly, the Bulldog, arevolver designed to fire alarge, slow-movingbullet, was one of theoriginal weapons issued tothe Federal Air Marshals(Sky Marshals).
  9. 9. The arrest of• Berkawitz was caught after he shot and killed one of his victims, when he returned to his car and noticed a parking ticket, and a lady who was walking her dog saw him and recognized his mugshot
  10. 10. WHERE IS NOW?
  11. 11. legacy• Berkowitz legacy left a law. That he/or other criminals were not able to receive profit from there name for profit.