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Strategic Performance Management System

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This was one of my earlier presentations on SPMS.

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Strategic Performance Management System

  1. 1. STRATEGIC PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Atty. Daisy P. Bragais Director III Civil Service Commission RO 5
  2. 2. Expectation Setting What do I expect to learn from this training? How can I help attain what I want to learn? What do I expect from the Learning Service Provider/Facilitator and from my co-participants?
  3. 3. Learning Objectives Understand the rationale behind the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) Know the reason behind the shift to SPMS Appreciate the Key and Winning Features of SPMS Be familiar and acquainted with the SPMS Cycle
  4. 4. Recruitment Retention Recognition & Rewards Retirement 4 Rs of HR
  5. 5. Retention Recognition & Rewards
  6. 6. Central human resource institution of the government Strengthen merit and rewards system Establish performance evaluation system Foster the improvement of 1) individual employee efficiency 2) Organizational effectiveness
  8. 8. Addressing the Gaps Thrust or Mandate Daily Operations
  9. 9. Organizational performance Collective performance of individuals within the organization STRONG CULTURE OF PERFORMANCE AND ACCOUNTABILITY
  10. 10. Performance Evaluation Performance Management
  11. 11. Performance Management Focus on major final outputs and outcomes Use of success indicators in measuring results Emphasis on Office or team performance rather than individual competition Shift of the role of supervisors from mere evaluator to coach or mentor
  12. 12. Individual Performance Agency’s VISION MISSION STRATEGIC GOALS SPMS
  13. 13. A Recruitment System that identifies competencies and other attributes required for particular jobs or functional groups;  An adequate Rewards and Incentives System;  Mentoring and coaching program;  An ICT that supports project documentation, knowledge management, monitoring and evalutation;  Change management program; and Policy review and formulation.
  14. 14. Ensure Organizational Improvement of effectiveness / Individual employee efficiency Link performance Management with Other HR systems and ensure adherence to the principle of performance-based tenure and incentive system Concretize the linkage of organizational Performance with Philippine Development Plan
  15. 15. Goal Aligned to Agency Mandate and Organizational Priorities Outputs/Outcomes-based Team-approach to performance management User-friendly forms Information System that supports Monitoring and Evaluation Communication Plan
  16. 16. CSC Societal Goal Human Resource Development Towards Poverty Alleviation Sectoral Goals Improved Public Service Delivery Good Governance Major Final Outputs Legal Services Examination, Recruitment and Placement Services Personnel Policies and Standards Services Appointment and Other Personnel Action Services Human Resource Development Services Personnel Discipline and Accountability Enhancement Services Personnel Data and Information Management Services P / A / Ps
  17. 17. CSC Societal Goal Human Resource Development Towards Poverty Alleviation Sectoral Goals Improved Public Service Delivery Good Governance CSC Mandate Mission Vision CSC Strategic Priorities CSC Offices Employees
  18. 18. Key Players SPMS Champion (Agency Head) Performance Management Team (PMT) Planning Office Human Resource Management Office Head of Office (Director IV or equivalent) Division Chief or equivalent Individual Employees
  19. 19. SPMS Champion (Agency Head) Establishment Operationalization Primarily responsible for the accountable for the establishment and implementation of the SPMS •Sets agency performance goals/objectives and performance measures •Determines agency target setting period •Approves office performance commitment and rating •Assess performance of office
  20. 20. Performance Management Team(PMT) PRE and POST Performance Management Cycle Within Performance Management Cycle •Identifies potential top performers and provide inputs to the PRAISE Committee for grant of awards and incentives •Sets consultation meeting with heads of offices re: performance target for the commitment and rating. •Alignment of target, measures and budget and proper work distribution •Adopts internal rules, procedures and strategies in carrying out responsibilities. •Recommends approval of performance commitment and rating to the agency head. •Appeals body and final arbiter for performance management disputes.
  21. 21. Composition of PMT: Chairperson Members Executive official designated by head of agency Highest HRMO Highest HR Development Officer Highest Planning Officer Highest Financial Officer President of the accredited employee association or authorized alternate representative.
  22. 22. Planning Office Indirectly Related Directly Related •Monitors submission of OPCR •Schedule review/evaluation of the Office Commitment by the PMT •Consolidates, reviews, validates and evaluates the initial performance assessment of the Heads of Offices. •Provides each office with the final Office Assessment •Conduct annual performance planning and review conference
  23. 23. Human Resource Management Office Indirectly Related Directly Related •Provides analytical data on retention, skills/competency gaps and talent development plan •Monitors submission of IPCR Form by heads of Offices •Coordinates development interventions •Reviews the Summary List of Individual Performance Rating
  24. 24. Department Head/Division Chief (or its equivalent): •Ensures attainment of performance objectives and targets •Rationalize distribution of targets/tasks •Monitors closely status of performance and provide support and assistance through coaching •Assess individual employee performance •Recommends developmental intervention
  25. 25. Individual employee Management partner in meeting organizational performance goals
  26. 26. THE SPMS CYCLE
  27. 27. • Performance Review & Evaluation • Performance Rewarding & Development Planning • Performance Monitoring & Coaching • Performance Planning & Commitment 1 2 34
  28. 28. Performance Planning and Commitment: 1 34 Done at the start of rating period Heads of offices, supervisors and staff agree on outputs based on organization goals and objectives.
  29. 29. Determination of Success Indicators
  30. 30. PERFORMANCE MEASURES - performance level yardsticks computed through the units of work measurements and according to their function
  31. 31. Performance Planning and Commitment: 1 34 Performance measures shall include any one or combination of Category Definition Effectiveness / Quality Extent to which actual performance compares with target performance Degree to which objectives are achieved and targeted problems are solved Efficiency Extent to which time or resources is used for the intended task or purpose. Quantity of waste expense or unnecessary effort spent out in the accomplishment of task. Timeliness Timeliness of the work per requirement of law and/or clients/stakeholders. Time related performance indicators (such as deadlines, time management skills and others)
  32. 32. Performance Planning and Commitment: 1 34 •Set agency target setting period •Identify major final outputs (targets) based on •Historical data •Benchmarking •Client demand •OPES Reference Table •Top Management Instruction •Future trend
  33. 33. •Indicate detailed budget requirements per expense account •Identify specific unit accountable to accomplishment of specific target output per program/project. •Summarized, this becomes the OCPR
  34. 34. Performance Monitoring and Coaching: 1 34 •Regular monitoring of individual & office performance •Using monitoring & evaluation mechanism •Ensure programs are in track •Objectives of goals are met •Information system is vital •Supervisors & coaches should focus on critical functions of coaches •Provide enabling environment/intervention 2
  35. 35. Performance Review and Evaluation: 3 •Consolidation and review, validate and evaluate performance assessment •Calibration and recommendation •Using reviewed and validated performance assessment •Basis of final rating •Results shall be discussed in an annual performance review conference •Offices submit quarterly accomplishment report •Settlement of issues/appeal protest on the Office assessment •Planning Office provide each office copy of final rating OFFICE ASSESSMENT
  36. 36. Performance Review and Evaluation: 3 •Done by the immediate supervisor •Premium given to major final output •Ratings shall be supported by reports or proof of accomplishment •Unsupported task shall not be rated INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT •Make qualitative comments, observations and recommendations •Competency assessment •Critical incidents •Employee development/intervention •Discussed with employee prior to submission
  37. 37. •Head of agency determines final assessment of performance level •May adopt mechanism •Average of all shall not exceed collective assessment of office •Notify individuals of his/her final rating •Submit summary listing with IPCR to the HR Office
  38. 38. Performance Rewarding & Development Planning: •Although related, assessment results is independent from rating •Developmental interventions formulated from assessment results •Results of performance evaluation/assessment shall serve as inputs 4 Unit Outcome Head of Office Providing interventions needed HRM Office Consolidating & coordinating developmental interventions in the HR Plan PMT Identify potential PRAISE Awards nominees PRAISE Committee Determine agency top performers – for awards and incentives
  39. 39. Credits MC No. 6, s. 2012 – Guidelines in the Establishment and Implementation of Agency Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) All photos were taken from the internet via Google
  40. 40. THANK YOU!!!
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This was one of my earlier presentations on SPMS.


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