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Republic Act No. 7722


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An Act Creating the Commission on Higher Education, Appropriating Funds and for Other Purposes

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Republic Act No. 7722

  1. 1. An Act Creating the Commission on Higher Education, Appropriating Funds and for Other Purposes
  2. 2. “ Higher Education Act of 1994”
  3. 3.  “ The state shall protect, foster and promote the right of citizens to affordable quality education at all levels and shall take appropriate steps to ensure that education shall be accessible to all.”
  4. 4. “The commission shall be independent and separate from the DECS and attached to the Office of the President for administrative purposes only.” 
  5. 5.  Composed of 5 fulltime members: 1 Chairman 4 Commissioners  Qualifications: 1. Holders of earned Doctorate 2. Engaged in Higher Education for at least 10 years 3. Not candidate in the election 4. Higher degree of professionalism
  6. 6.  Chairman : term of 4 years, without prejudice to one reappointment  Commissioners: next 2- for 3 years last 2- for 2 years
  7. 7.  Ranks Chairman: Department of Secretary Commissioners: Undersecretary  Emoluments: shall receive compensation corresponding to their positions
  8. 8.  should meet with the Commission at least once a year  Composition: 1. Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports as Chairman 2. Director-General of the NEDA as Cochairman 3. Secretary of Science and Technology 4. Secretary of Trade and Industry 5. President of FAAP 6. President of FAPE
  9. 9. 1. Formulate and recommend development plans, policies, priorities and programs on higher education and research 2. Formulate and recommend development plans, policies, priorities and programs on research 3. Recommend to the executive and legislative branches the priorities and grants 4. see minimum standards for programs and institutions 5. monitor and evaluate the programs and institutions 6. identify, support and develop potential centers of excellence in program areas 7. Recommend to the Dept. of Budget and Mngt the budgets of public institution
  10. 10. 8. Nationalize programs and institutions 9. Develop criteria for allocating additional resources 10. Direct or redirect purposive research by institutions to meet the needs 11. Devise and implement resource development schemes 12. administer the Higher Education Development Fund 13. review the charters of institutions 14. Promulgate rules and regulations 15. Perform necessary functions for effective operations
  11. 11.  headed by an executive officer, subject to National compensation and position classification plan  determine the duties, responsibilities and functions
  12. 12.  established to strengthen the higher education 1. Government’s contribution to the fund: - seed capital= 500 million php - initial operation= 50 million php - 40% annual share on total gross collections of the travel tax - 30% share from Professional Gross Fee - 1% of gross sales of PCSO 2. 3-5% CONTRIBUTION FROM FINANCING INSTITUTIONS 3. Private portion for donates, gifts conveyances
  13. 13. must be administered by the commission  shall appoint a reputable government to administer funds  guidelines: 1. no part of capital shall be used for overhead expenses for admin. 2. earnings for private contributions shall be used for administrative expenses 3. commission shall appoint and organize separate staff 4. shall be utilize equitably to regions and programs 
  14. 14.  assist the commission in setting standards and program monitoring and evaluation  composed of senior specialists
  15. 15.  Exemptions for the abridgement of the curricular freedom of educational institutions: 1. minimum unit requirements for that program 2. general education distribution requirements 3. specific professional subjects are not qualified
  16. 16.  Commission shall provide incentives to institutions of higher learning, public and private whose needs are for accreditation purposes
  17. 17.  Any donation, contribution, bequest, and grant maybe made shall constitute as allowable deduction from the income of the donor for income tax purposes and shall be exempt from donor’s tax.
  18. 18.  exercise authority necessary with its areas of operation to attain its objectives
  19. 19.  500 million php is authorized to be appropriated for the seed capital of the fund.  additional 50 million php shall be put to National Treasury or initial operation of PAGCOR Included in General Appropriations Act
  20. 20.  all government entities having functions to those of the commission are transferred to the commission  the commission shall have the authority to appoint its own personnel All regular and permanent employees shall not suffer any loss of rank or emoluments
  21. 21. all laws, executive orders, rules and regulations that are inconsistent must be cancelled. 
  22. 22.  any provision that are held unconstitutional or valid, other provisions are not affected and shall continue to enact.
  24. 24. Daisy Mae A. Valeroso BEEG-II EDUC4 Mrs. Apolonia V. Garay February 6, 2013