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Powerpoint project


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Powerpoint project

  1. 1. In Compliance of our Project in World Literature, Daisy Joan Montecillo and Recel Pelayo would like to present…
  2. 2. Theme: Love conquers all. “I’ll Never Go Away From You”
  3. 3. Settings: at a certain birthday party of their common friend where Andrew and Jake met Anne Camella Homes (Andrew’s house) wherein Andrew introduced Anne as his soon-to-be- wife to his mother
  4. 4. Characters: Andrew – a rich guy who was willing to give up everything just for the sake of his love Jake – a playboy who did not know the true essence of love yet, even at his age of 25 Anne – a simple girl as she came from just a middle-class family
  5. 5. PLOT  Jake and Andrew met Anne at a certain birthday party. From then on, the three became friends. Jake courted Anne. After a month, they became lovers.  Knowing the true attitude of his friend, Andrew told Jake never to hurt Anne, or else he would be mad at him
  6. 6.  After a few months, Andrew saw Anne crying; hence, he approached her and asked why she shed tears. Reluctantly, she began to tell the truth that she was pregnant, but then Jake was unwilling to take the responsibility. Having a mixed emotion, Andrew almost cried upon hearing the news considering that he had loved Anne even from the start.
  7. 7. Unlike with Jake, he never left on the side of Anne. Instead, he asked her to marry him and promised that he would never go away from her. When the two reached Andrew’s house, Anne wanted to run outside as she could not accept his proposal because it was no this responsibility to assume the obligation of his friend towards her.
  8. 8. Seeing that Anne couldn’t believe, he took her immediately to his house to be introduced to his family as his soon- to-be-wife.
  9. 9. CONFLICT  Unfortunately, all of those things had been heard by his mother. Thus, she was very angry when Andrew still continued his plan of marrying Anne. “You choose between us – that stupid girl or your family? But, bear this in your mind that once you’ll choose that girl, you will no longer be considered as part of this family and you will receive nothing from us, even a single centavo!”
  10. 10. “Mom, for so many years, I have followed all your orders. I am tired already. I am too old to be always dictated of what to do, whom to make friends, and whom to go out for a date. I am sorry, but this time I will disobey you. I will marry her whoever she is and whatever family she comes from because I love her. I will never go away from her, especially this time when she needs me most,” Andrew said.
  11. 11. RESOLUTION  Two months later, they had their wedding at the church. Unexpectedly, Andrew’s parents, after having realized everything, attended it. Thus, everyone was happy especially the newly-wed couple. - The End -