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Creating the Best Way to Read and Publish


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The DAISY Consortium is a global partnership of organizations committed to creating the best way to read and publish, for everyone.

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Creating the Best Way to Read and Publish

  1. 1. The DAISY Consortium works towards creating the best way to read and publish. The DAISY Consortium works towards creating the best way to read and publish. Presenter: Varju Luceno WMA Annual Meeting, Palm Springs, CA October 24, 2012
  2. 2. DAISY Standard • Standards increase efficiency • DAISY - Open international standard Problem That DAISY Solves? Need for accessible audio that could be used by individuals unable to read print, as easily and efficiently as a sighted person uses a printed book. 5-7% of printed materials in the world are published in an accessible format each year
  3. 3. • Offers text and audio synchronization • Text can be voiced using human narration or synthetic speech - use male or female voice of your choice, adjust speed • Can support Braille output • Provides adjustable character display • Meets both simple and advanced reading needs • Powerful navigation features How is DAISY different?
  4. 4. Text synchronized with speech, highlighting
  5. 5. Talking Book Players
  6. 6. Future is Now Goal: Increase usability and availability of e-books for all users regardless of their ability or disability Mobile applications with text-to speech support and navigation features • Darwin Reader (Android) • Go Read (DAISY reader - Android) • Voice of DAISY (iPhone, iPad) • Read2Go (DAISY reader - iPhone, iPad) • Learning Ally app (iPhone, iPad)
  7. 7. DAISY Online Delivery • Cloud model • Possibility for retaining DAISY content files at your web server, having the online platform redirect to it. • All distribution channels are working together
  8. 8. Mainstreaming AccessibilityMainstreaming Accessibility How ? • EPUB 3 specification provides the rich navigation of DAISY • EPUB 3 - industry-driven standard • EPUB 3 benefits the creators of digital content and reading systems as well as the end users • Ensure that accessibility is integrated into the general production workflow and is no longer an add-on
  9. 9. What sets EPUB 3 apart ?What sets EPUB 3 apart ? • Open standard • Built-in accessibility, follow guidelines • Embed audio/video - Media Overlays • Global language support • Text-to-speech support • MathML support • Supports reflowable content • Support for basic scripting • Portability
  10. 10. Helpful resourcesHelpful resources DAISY Consortium website: DAISY in Museums: EPUB 3 Standard: Thank you!