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<ver.4.2>P to P scholarship project


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<ver.4.2>P to P scholarship project

  1. 1. P to P Micro Scholarship Project - Global Social Business Baby - By Daisuke Miyoshi, Grameen Communications
  2. 2. Sati age11 Want to become a doctor. My mother had very serious disease and had to go to Dhaka. It was very hard work. So I want to be able to cure my villagers without going capital. And also make Bangladesh the place where everyone can get perfect treatment.
  3. 3. Kulsum age12 Want to become a doctor. My sister was terrible sick, but I could nothing for her. Eventually she passed away. So, I want to be able to help my family and my villagers.
  4. 4. So many hidden treasures in this country
  5. 5. BUT They cannot everyday go to school They don’t have any encouragement to their future
  6. 6. Conventional scholarship Donators -Donators cannot know about any students until they actually donate to them. Students -Students who are to receive scholarships usually have nothing to do but just wait for donators. Scholarship Foundations -Almost all foundations are very small and cannot get enough donators.
  7. 7. What I saw in Bangladesh -Lack of Encouragement -No effective support Poor Family But many Hidden Treasures No Work Poor Academic Background
  8. 8. Opportunity for Change Most of the villages have Internet Access and Solar Panels. Everyone can be connected to the world.
  9. 9. How can we solve this problem ?
  10. 10. P to P Micro Scholarship -Make YOU the biggest Scholarship Foundation in our history- Dream & Passion Encouragement for Future & Scholarship money
  11. 11. Theory of Change Gather a lot of encouragement and scholarships through INTERNET Well Family and Many Hidden Treasures Dreams come true ! “ Hidden Treasures get bright !! “ Get good jobs Better Academic Records More Self-Esteem
  12. 12. (0) Create Partnerships Scholarship Project Foundation Management Team
  13. 13. (1) Dispatch Young Potentials Gives Formats Data Uproad Scholarship Project Our Foundation Management Project Team site Registers students 120$ Needed Scholarship Dream Video Photo Text Profile Price
  14. 14. (2) Gathering Encouragements from the World Website Image Name : Kulsum Age: 12 Dream video Encouragement <Future Vision> & I want to become a doctor. I could do nothing for my sister Scholarship who was serious sick and she passed away. money So, I have to get medical knowledge and help my family and my villagers. <Profile> Name: Sati Age: 11 Family: Father, Mother, and 2 sisters Average income permonth : 30$ 70% To $150 select $10 Encourage now !
  15. 15. (3) Sending Encouragements (Ex) After gathering 150$ 30$ as 20% margin 120$ Our Project Scholarship Project Management Team Foundation site Encouragement message Encouragement message Encouragement message
  16. 16. Wow !! So many people believe me !!
  17. 17. (4) Interactive Communication Sends & Checks and receives Uproads Project Our Scholarship Management Project Foundation Team site Monthly Reporting Various Communication
  18. 18. Roles of Stakeholders -Express and Dispatch their dream and passion for their futures -Monthly Video Report Students -Registers their students data Scholarship Foundation -Gives scholarships and encouragement messages -Monthly Video Report Project -Updates students data Management -Translates video (if needed) Team -Sends scholarships and messages to foundations -Develops and manages the website -Donate scholarships -Encourage students -Interactive communication -Tell others about students who they donated Encouragers
  19. 19. Business Model -20% Margin Fee If a student needs 120$ per a year, advertise as 150$. After the scholarship has been gathered, we can get 30$ per 1 student. -CSR Matching This service is easy to see ROI and also to get reputations among people for companies looking for the best CSR way. -Website Ads When this website as global community gets larger, Ads on this site also gets more profitable. 1page view=1yen=0.7tk
  20. 20. Road map • Pilot project • 30 students in Bangladesh 2010 • Fundraising • Partnership with other Scholarship Fund • Global Launch 2011 • 200 students in the world • 10,000 students in the world 2012
  21. 21. Sales Plan $ Sales 600,000 500,000 400,000 300,000 Sales 200,000 100,000 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 900$ 50,000$ 30students 6,000$ 30,000$ 18,000students 200students 10,000students
  22. 22. Finance plan 2011 Website management staff 2 160$×12months×2 = 3840$ Server cost (If JP sever) 40$ Office cost (If in GCC ) 0$ Electricity cost (If in GCC) 0$ Total cost 3880$
  23. 23. Pilot Project 2010 Plan • First Partnership with Babu-Kano • Develop Pilot site MAY • 5 students • Check & Plan JUN & JUL • 5 students • Check & Plan AUG & SEP • 10 students • Fundraising & Design Beta site OCT & NOV • Create new partnerships with Scholarship foundations • Fundraising & Design Beta site • Create new partnerships with Scholarship foundations DEC & JAN • Global Launch
  24. 24. Pilot Project 2010 Finance Plan Cost -Website server cost per a year 40$ -Pilot site development 0$ (Japanese Volunteers) Sales -30 students , 20% margin 900$ Total 900$ - 40$ = +860$
  25. 25. Considerable points for the Encouragers 1.Reliability of Foundation (Org. Image) 2. Transparency of whole process (Interactive communication between encouragers and students) 3.Access to the monitoring & evaluation system (Finance & result outcomes dash board) 4.Encouragers(Individual/Institution) should be rated and awarded by points system.(encouragers profile) 5.Encouragers social communication network.
  26. 26. Considerable points for Students 1.Student should be rated and awarded (Student profile) 2.Social networking /communication among the students
  27. 27. Considerable points for Scholarship Fund 1.Reliability of Foundation (Org. Image) 2.Capability/skill 3.Past Record/track record c.f. Potential partners: Grameen Shika, Room to Read, and other many small fundations
  28. 28. Promoter As this will be social business we can expect/consider some stakeholder as our free promoter as the part of their CSR. Like; <Catagory1> Google (With many application)or other Search Engine, Facebook , twitter , YouTube, Ustream, Flickr,Skype etc <Catagory2> Free education contents donor
  29. 29. Connection with Gramweb (this project address) Name : Kulsum Age: 12 Dream video <Future Vision> I want to become a doctor. I could do nothing for my sister who was serious sick and she passed away. So, I have to get medical knowledge and help my family and my villagers. 70% To $150 select $10 Encourage now ! Gramweb is a village platform for BOP business and have village students database.
  30. 30. Everything you can imagine is real. -Pablo Picasso
  31. 31. MONEKULI !! 2015 !!
  32. 32. Scholarship? It’s what we gather from the world, right ?
  33. 33. Hauling the world where everyone can get enough encouragements and investments according to their dream.
  34. 34. Together, Pulling 2015 into Now !!