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Dairy Processing Machinery


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FOOD & BIOTECH ENGINEERS (I) PVT. LTD (AN ISO 9001: 2000 Co.) established in 1991. FBE is a leading manufacturer and engineering Consultancy Company for designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of Dairy Processing/Fruit Processing/Chemical/Biotechnology plant on turnkey basis. We specialize in Evaporators and Dryers used for dairy, fruits, distillery/chemical industry. We also undertake designing and fabrication work of Pressure vessels, Storage tanks, Stainless Steel Piping & Structural Works etc.The company is a vision of Mr. R. P. Singh and he has embedded its position as one of the leading players in its arena under his leadership. Mr. R.P. Singh has been bestowed with number of awards like Udyog Patra from Institute of Trade and Industrial Development, Delhi for SELF – MADE INDUSTRIES, Rajiv Ghandhi Shiromani Award and business sphere award. Engineering design & technological support is provided by one of the worlds leading Manufacturers and Engineering Consultancy Company named RALLI OY (FINLAND).

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Dairy Processing Machinery

  1. 1. Haryana, India <br />Manufacturer & Engineering Consultant <br />of Food/Starch/Dairy & Biotechnology<br />Plants<br />
  2. 2. Haryana, India <br />About Us<br /><ul><li> Established in 1999, at Faridabad
  3. 3. An ISO 9001: 2000 certified company
  4. 4. Undertakes designing & fabrication of </li></ul> Pressure vessels, Storage tanks, SS Piping<br /> & Structural Works<br /> Awarded by Udyog Patra from ITID, Delhi for <br /> Self – Made Industries<br /><ul><li> Rajiv Ghandhi Shiromani Award & Business </li></ul> Sphere award<br /><ul><li> Technologically supported by RALLI OY (FINLAND)</li></li></ul><li>Haryana, India <br />Why Us?<br /><ul><li> Wide range of engineering & </li></ul> construction services<br /><ul><li> Two fully equipped fabrication units
  5. 5. High quality with standard specifications
  6. 6. Strong clientele throughout globe
  7. 7. High efficiency & Competitive prices
  8. 8. Expertise in supporting Turnkey Projects
  9. 9. Specialized in : Evaporators & Dryers</li></ul>Membership<br />
  10. 10. Haryana, India <br />Products<br /><ul><li> Dairy Processing Projects
  11. 11. Fruits and Vegetables Processing Projects
  12. 12. Industrial/Distillery Effluent Handling Projects
  13. 13. Instant Tea / Coffee POWDER PLANT
  14. 14. Herbal Extraction Plant</li></li></ul><li>Haryana, India <br />Dairy Processing Projects<br /><ul><li> Liquid Milk Processing Plant
  15. 15. SMP / WMP / Dairy whitener Plant
  16. 16. Sweetened Condensed / Evaporated milk Plant
  17. 17. Dahi / Lassi / Yoghurt / Shrikhand Plant
  18. 18. Anhydrous Milk / Fat Butter Oil Plant
  19. 19. Paneer / Khoa Plant
  20. 20. Malted milk powder & Ice Cream Plant
  21. 21. Casein / WPC / DM whey powder </li></ul> / Lactose Plant<br /><ul><li> Milk Protein Concentrate & Lactose
  22. 22. Cheese Plant & Flavored Milk Plant</li></li></ul><li>Haryana, India <br />Fruits and Vegetables Processing Projects<br /><ul><li> Tomato / Mango Processing Plant
  23. 23. Tomato Ketchup Plant
  24. 24. Fruit Juice Concentration Plant
  25. 25. Tomato Powder / Fruit Powder Plant
  26. 26. Lemon Juice / Lemon Oil / Pectin Plant</li></li></ul><li>Haryana, India <br />Industrial Effluent Handling Projects<br /><ul><li> Zero Effluent Discharge Plant
  27. 27. For Raw Spent Wash
  28. 28. For Biomethnated Spent Wash
  29. 29. Distilled Spent Wash Powder Production</li></li></ul><li>Haryana, India <br />Instant Tea / Coffee POWDER PLANT<br /><ul><li> Consists of Cleaning, Blending, Roasting, </li></ul> Grinding, Extractors, Clarifier & others<br /><ul><li> Series of Eight Extraction Batteries
  30. 30. Centrifugal Clarifier For Separation </li></ul> of Insoluble Materials<br /><ul><li> Free - Flowing</li></li></ul><li>Haryana, India <br />Herbal Extraction Plant<br /><ul><li> Extractors
  31. 31. Evaporators
  32. 32. Dryers
  33. 33. Filters
  34. 34. Columns</li></li></ul><li>Contact Us<br />Food & Biotech EngineersMr. R. P. SinghChaprola Road, Prithla,Tehsil-Palwal, <br />District – Faridabad, India <br />