Presntation Udder Infection


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Presntation Udder Infection

  1. 1. The best of all options… A proven natural tonic with measurable results
  2. 2. It all begins with two remarkable plants … Manuka and Aloe vera
  3. 3. Aloe vera barbadensis miller and manuka honey: Two naturally synergistic ingredients effective in building healthy immune systems • Provides essential vitamins and minerals for good health • Provides essential enzymes, amino acids and trace elements to aid absorption • Certified organic • Helps to reduce udder infection • promotes healthy calves less stomach sickness • Used for treatment or at a low dose as a preventative
  4. 4. AgResearch conducted laboratory tests on DairyCare Tonic Results were positive for: Growth inhibition of mastitis - causing bacteria Stimulates immune system
  5. 5. Field trial conducted at Bruce Tiddy’s farm Puketutu Road, Matamata Herd test done by LIC everyday for 10 days on 20 cows. 15 out of 20 cows showed lower udder infection A 75% success rate Bruce Tiddy Total 1400 1200 1000 800 Fat Total Protein Total 600 SCC Total 400 200 0
  6. 6. Cost effective calves $ 1.00 per week / per calf cows 10 days treatment $ 13.20 per cow as a preventative 0.066 cents per cow per day Easy to use calves mix 5ml tonic per calf with milk if calf sick, drench 50 to 100 ml cows administer by drenching, or mix with feed, or in the water
  7. 7. Every farm should have some tonic for all the cows as an effective treatment for loose motions in calves and for high udder infection cows as a preventative a small dose for the whole herd which will build a strong immune system
  8. 8. Benefits No loose motions Healthy calves will gain weight quicker Low udder infection rate means healthy cow, which means more milk, more solids and more profit. Fact Low udder infection milk produces better quality cheese and other milk products High udder infection milk costs the farmer and dairy company a lot of money
  9. 9. User Comments My production is up and vet bills lower Kevin Hopkinson Dargaville DairyCare Tonic gives the calves a good start… I won’t use anything else Karen Petch Kaitaia As a breeder a healthy herd is important to me and DairyCare Tonic has given me consistently improved results year after year. Readon Jackson Te Aroha
  10. 10. DairyCare Tonic is proudly made in New Zealand is a good alternative to antibiotics has no with holding period has a patent pending No:PCT/NZ08/000015 will help farmers achieve high quality milk is beneficial financially to farmers and milk processors Is organic certified results are measurable