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  1. 1. Technology Research Daire Short
  2. 2. Menu • Slide 1 Introduction • Slide 2 MenuSlide 3-5 Magic School Bus • Slide 3 • Slide 4Slide 6-8 Tech Culture • Slide 5 • Slide6 • Slide 7 • Slide 8Slide 9-11 Medical Technology • Slide9 • Slide 10 • Slide 11 • Slide 12 Conclusion • Slide 13 Citations
  3. 3. Magic School Bus High-Tech School Bus• This article is about a school using a new high tech school bus. The bus has only been used for a short amount of time now and is still in the process of being studied. The bus is built with screens so the students are able to see and hear informational documents on their way to and from school everyday. The bus was very expensive but the school administrators think it will create a positive impact on students.
  4. 4. Magic School Bus• The students are not required to watch or listen to the screens on their ride but it is advised. The students are split into seating groups based on their grades. This technology may even result in a shorter school day for students since they would be able to learn more while they are on their way to school and on their way home. Teachers are able to teach lesson plans or give additional information via the bus screens.
  5. 5. Magic School Bus• This article reminded me of the show The Magic School bus because in the show the bus is able to do many things a normal school bus cannot. This bus is a great thing for the students and educators. If every school could afford to have buses built with this equipment I think the school would see a rise in the grades and a better understanding of the material being taught because the students who have difficulty understand would have extra time to learn.
  6. 6. Tech Culture Technology Culture• The Granville County Schools provided new laptop for all instructors and students. The students were not attending class and not being active in the school before the laptops. Once the laptops were given out the school saw a rise in attendance and the students became much more active. The school was able to afford the technology with grant money and private donations.
  7. 7. Tech Culture• The teachers are now learning how to teach with the new technology and learning new ways to run their classroom. The teachers are now able to silently communicate with students by sending messages back and forth between students. The students are also given more freedom so they don’t feel like they are trapped from the outside world. They are allowed to use their cell phones and mp3 players outside of the classroom. The new technology is still being studied.
  8. 8. Tech Culture• I think by the school giving the students new technology they are opening the door to many new possibilities to the students. The students will be better with the use of technology which will most likely help them in the future with getting a job since most jobs require past computer experience. The students will most likely be much more interested in class since they have more freedoms they wont feel like they are stuck doing one thing. I also think giving the students the ability to communicate with the teacher silently is a great thing because some students are afraid to ask questions during class.
  9. 9. Medical Technology Medical Technology• This article talks about the new ways students with learning disabilities are able to learn. The students are taught using different methods that way they are getting the help they need and they are able to understand the material better. The teachers must use the 504 plan to help the students learn and give the students the help they need. The technology helps the teachers to understand what type of environment and what way the student learns best.
  10. 10. Medical Technology• Not only are the students with mental disabilities being helped but also the students with physical disabilities. The students who are refrained to a wheelchair are able to sit in different types of wheel chairs that allow them to move around easier and even raise to a standing position so they can write on the board like other students.
  11. 11. Medical Technology• This new technology is very helpful to the students and teachers both. I wish the article would have focused a bit more on the training the teachers must go through in order to be able to help the students with the physical disabilities and how the general education teachers are able to care for the students with learning disabilities in a gen education classroom.
  12. 12. Conclusion• All these articles show the positive impact technology can have on students and teachers and the way students can learn. The technology discussed in this presentation seems to be the technology of the future. The items talked about have not been available for many years and are still being studied by the administrators and other people. These articles give readers ideas on how they can make a difference in a students life by financially supporting the school since most of the new technology requires funding.
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