Policy Advisory Committee Meeting May 21, 2014


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  • Featured: Cunha and El GranadaAll schools coordinated litter collecting walking buses, but everyone, with student input made the event special for the schoolAt El Granada, students put on a play with free materials available through Cool the EarthAt Cunha, students collected garbage and recycling. The leadership team tallied participation as homerooms competed for a pizza party.In all over 2000 gallons of garbage and recycling were collected.
  • Reference ride in disguise map:Coyote Pt: Bike CheckRyder Park: Bike RodeoFoster City Energizer Station: Refuel SnacksBelmont Sports Complex: Bike RodeoNest year: a passport fpr stopping at all stations
  • City of SSF Rec Department provided free rodeos at Podnerosa and at Farmers MarketSan Mateo Foster City-rode to all 20 schools to promoteParticipation rates have been great:Westlake had an amazing 77% participation!Horall: 67%South School of Hillsborough had 55% participation!
  • Last we met, I shared the data, but in conducting a deeper level analysis for the purposes of a board presentation, I came across some exciting news. In short, we’re making a lovely positive difference in travel modes of those living within a half mile or less from school
  • Two Tiered Approach to Support:Already participating:Mention OTS grantEmbedding Curriculum into the school programEmpowering VolunteersNew: Hands on connecting with providers
  • In addition to engaging local law enforcement agencies, another question that has come up is, how do I put Safe Routes higher on the agenda of principals and for some, the question is, how do I even get Safe Routes on the agenda at all?Again, this question got me thinking about who do I know who has principal's at the decision making table and a name came to mind, Mindy. Note her task force meetings and how principals will leave school sites and come to her meetings.
  • The 14-15 calendar is all ready, so I’d like to provide everyone a copy now. On it are the 14-15 meetings, budget report dates, events, and workshops.Note:Workshops have a different focusCrossing Guard Training Option
  • Policy Advisory Committee Meeting May 21, 2014

    1. 1. www.smcoe.org Policy Advisory Committee Meeting May 20, 2014 Daina Lujan, Safe Routes to School Coordinator
    2. 2. www.smcoe.org Agenda
    3. 3. Program Happenings: Earth Day
    4. 4. Program Happenings: Streets Alive Parks Alive
    5. 5. Program Happenings: Bike to School Day
    6. 6. Program Happenings: Program Data Family Car Walk Bike Transit Carpool School Bus Mode Split TO School Fall 2012 65% 20% 6% 1% 6% 2% Spring 2013 52.00% 33% 8.00% 2% 4.00% 1.00% Fall 2013 31.00% 52% 9.00% 3% 4.00% 1.00% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Travel to School for Students Residing 1/2 mile or Less From School
    7. 7. Program Happenings: PR Video
    8. 8. www.smcoe.org Looking to the Future Building Program Sustainability • Guides • Kits • Volunteer Trainings for Bike Rodeos
    9. 9. www.smcoe.org Grant Application Review Feedback from Panel: • Less Narratives/Simplify the Form • More Detail on Current Program Activities • More Detail for Infrastructure Project Ideas
    10. 10. www.smcoe.org Grant Application Review • Take 5 minutes to: • Review the Recommendations • Compare the 14-15 Application to the Proposed 15- 16 Application •Record Immediate Thoughts • Chat with your elbow partner about noticings and potential additional considerations
    11. 11. www.smcoe.org 14-15 Calendar of SR2S Happening Meetings Events Workshops
    12. 12. www.smcoe.org Questions
    13. 13. www.smcoe.org Meeting Feedback • What information was most useful to you? • What topics would you like to know more about? • What new partnerships should be forged in the 14- 15 school year?
    14. 14. www.smcoe.org Thank you! Daina Lujan, Coordinator 650-802-5306 I dlujan@smcoe.org Alonso Barahona alonso.srts@gmail.com Marilyn Canadas mcanadas@smcoe.org