February 11, 2014 Policy Advisory Committee Meeting


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  • Middle School Educator Guide: This year, we unveiled the K-5 Educator Guide and to compliment this guide, I have been busily working with a curriculum writer and graphic designer to develop a Middle School Educator Guide. We are nearing the end of development and are on track to unveil this guide in the 14-15 school year. The middle school guide will include science, math, and English Language Arts. Health standards are woven into several of the lessons at the request of several reviewers. All lessons will be aligned to the CCSS and NGSS. This guide, like the K-5 guide fosters flexible implementation, but unique to this guide is that it serves more as starting point and invites students to take what they are passionate about and what they have learned and initiate their own campaigns.In the world of audits, during the second quarter, San Mateo-Foster City wrapped up its last of 20 audit on a frosty cold morning. An audit was also conducted at Farallone View in the Cabrillo Unified School District. San Carlos and South San Francisco are in the process of finalizing contracts for audits to be conducted. San Carlos will conduct 4 audits so audits will have been conducted at all school sites. South San Francisco still has 3 schools in need of audits. During this second quarter, San Carlos School District used an audit report conducted at Central to initiate conversations with the City Public Works Department, which leads me to my next topic, Task Forces. The City of Pacifica and the Pacifica School District are also in the process of establishing a formal working relationship. The City was recently awarded a grant for Safe Routes to School infrastructure improvements, which the city applied for upon recognizing the district’s commitment to Safe Routes to School. With their working relationship at in its infancy, there will be more to report at the next meeting.This leads me to my next update. During the second quarter, the cities of Pacifica, Foster City, San Mateo, and Belmont adopted resolutions in support of Safe Routes to School. San Carlos is currently exploring the process for following suit. In addition to city level work, the Hillsborough City School District was the first district in San Mateo County to adopt a resolution in support of Safe Routes to School. They utilized California School Board Association language, considered their program and adopted a policy in November. The San Mateo-Foster City School District is currently in the draft and review phase of revising all policies. Safe Routes is a new policy that is currently being considered.
  • Turn it over to Alonso who will highlight some information about a Zamzee pilot in the Millbrae and Burlingame School Districts.
  • Transit Summit: With support from the National Safe Routes to School Partnership, I will be presenting on Safe Routes to School in San Mateo County. Specifically highlighting how we have structured the program and the support we provide to districts so that they may develop sustainable programs that meet the needs of their communities. Karrie Passalacqua of the San Mateo-Foster City School District will share a perspective on how districts utilize the tools provided by the San Mateo County Safe Routes Program and Winston Parsons of Peninsula Family YMCA’s Ybike program will share how this support translates into program implementation.Golden Sneaker Event: Two weeks ago, I provided a training to coordinators on hosting Golden Sneaker Contests. We used some of the time to collaboratively outline events for districts. Schools were provided with tracking resources and tools. Schools are currently registering and will be competing for iPods, courtesy of Spare the Air Youth.Wellness Summit: On Feb 27 and 28, wellness advocates from all over San Mateo County will be gathered here at SMCOE to learn about comprehensive wellness programs and policies. I will be using this as an opportunity to highlight Safe Routes to School as a means of supporting students in being active.Earth Day: In early planning phases with RecycleWorks. At present, Westlake ES has signed up to host a walking school bus clean up event. If you are interested in joining, let me know and we’ll find an event for you.
  • Preliminary data from our third data collection period is beginning to come in. It shows…
  • The uptick in parental concerns is something that is of interest. One possibility for the rise in concerns is that we have brought on a new school district, Hillsborough City School District. With the program being entirely new in the community, it is of little surprise that there are concerns. Nonetheless, the fact that there are concerns is not something to be ignored.
  • I will of course spend lots and lots of time pouring over the data to identify needs and how to address those needs through resources, education, encouragement and outreach, but one set of eyes pouring over data can lead to holes in the analysis. So, we are going to take some time to review the data together and gather your input.NOTE TIME TO REGROUP
  • February 11, 2014 Policy Advisory Committee Meeting

    1. 1. Policy Advisory Committee Safe Routes to School February 11, 2014 Daina Lujan, Safe Routes to School Coordinator www.smcoe.org
    2. 2. Agenda Item Time Outcome Quarterly Updates 10 Minutes Awareness of Second Quarter Activity Spotlight on Burlingame and Millbrae Events 10 Minutes Awareness of Program Implementation 10 Minutes Awareness of Upcoming Events Data 10 Minutes Awareness of Program Performance Data Analysis and Next Steps 15 Minutes Meeting Feedback 5 Minutes Input on the direction of the 14-15 program Input on future topics and the format for future meetings www.smcoe.org
    3. 3. Quarterly Updates Middle School Educator Guide Audits Task Forces City Council Support and Policies www.smcoe.org
    4. 4. Spotlight Millbrae and Burlingame Zamzee Pilot Alonso Barahona, Consultant to the Safe Routes to School Program www.smcoe.org
    5. 5. Zamzee Pilot www.smcoe.org
    6. 6. Upcoming Events San Mateo County and Santa Clara County Transit Summit, February 22 Golden Sneaker Events, February 26 through March 11 Wellness Summit, February 27 and 28 Earth Day, April 11 www.smcoe.org
    7. 7. Data: Awareness Awareness of Program 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Aware of SR2S at School Not Sure if School Participates in SR2S 32% 61% Spring 2012 36.90% 58% Fall 2013 44.00% 49% Fall 2012 www.smcoe.org
    8. 8. Data: Travel TO School Mode Split TO School 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Family Car Walk Bike Transit Carpool School Bus 61% 24% 4% 2% 6% 3% Spring 2013 52.40% 26% 5.30% 3% 7.20% 6.10% Fall 2013 52.20% 27% 6.00% 3% 7.30% 3.50% Fall 2012 www.smcoe.org
    9. 9. Data: Travel FROM School Mode Split FROM School 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Family Car Walk Bike Transit Carpool School Bus Fall 2012 56% 25% 4% 4% 7% 5% Spring 2013 53% 25% 4.30% 5.30% 7.40% 6.00% Fall 2013 52% 26% 5.50% 3.20% 8.10% 4.10% www.smcoe.org
    10. 10. Data: Parent Concerns Key Parental Concerns 120% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Stranger Danger Too Much Traffic Along Route Speeding Traffic Along Route Unsafe Intersections Distance to School Lack of Adults to Walk With Fall 2012 100% 90% 90% 90% 80% 70% Spring 2013 64% 56.30% 56% 59% 46.90% 47.90% 73.00% 66.00% 68.00% 67.70% 52.80% 59.00% Fall 2013 www.smcoe.org
    11. 11. Data Analysis Activity • Review the data individually (3 minutes) • In partners or groups of three (10 minutes): • Describe trends • Note needs • Identify possible action steps • Share Out (5 minutes) www.smcoe.org
    12. 12. Questions www.smcoe.org
    13. 13. Meeting Feedback • What information was most useful to you? • What topics would you like to know more about? • What new directions or initiatives would you like to see added to the Safe Routes Program? • Interested in joining an upcoming event? If so, please e-mail Daina at dlujan@smcoe.org www.smcoe.org
    14. 14. Thank you! Daina Lujan, Coordinator 650-802-5306 I dlujan@smcoe.org Alonso Barahona alonso.srts@gmail.com Marilyn Canadas mcanadas@smcoe.org www.smcoe.org