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Daimler Locations

  1. 1. Finding new solutions to sustainable mobility. With you. Daimler locations Daimler locations / 05.05.2010 1
  2. 2. We have surely met before, of course… Daimler locations 2
  3. 3. ... or haven´t we? Daimler locations 3
  4. 4. Our Locations Daimler locations 4
  5. 5. We not only operate in Germany, ... we also employ people in almost every country in the world Europe Asia North America 23.221 192.199 18.863 Africa 6.059 Latin Amerika 14.862 Australia/Pacific 1.203 Status: 2009 Daimler locations 5
  6. 6. International presence: ... Mercedes-Benz Cars Daimler locations 6
  7. 7. International presence: ... Daimler Trucks Daimler locations 7
  8. 8. International presence: ... Daimler Financial Services Daimler locations 8
  9. 9. International presence: ... Mercedes-Benz Vans and Buses Daimler locations 9
  10. 10. International presence: ... Mercedes-Benz Own-Retail Daimler locations 10
  11. 11. Where we are: production sites in Germany Daimler locations 11
  12. 12. Daimler Headquarters, Stuttgart-Untertürkheim Staff work in a range of central divisions and perform various service functions at our international head office at the Stuttgart-Untertürkheim site. They provide the impetus to take us into a successful future. Daimler locations 12
  13. 13. Mercedes-Benz Untertürkheim Plant Hard Facts Established: 1904 Total area 2 million m² Area in use: 1 million m² Workforce: approx. 18,146 Production Program Engines: 1.025.116 Product Range Front and rear axles: 1.32 million -Engines Transmissions: 1.30 million -Axles -Transmissions -Upstream facilities Daimler locations 13
  14. 14. Mercedes-Benz Technology Center Untertürkheim Hard Facts Established: 1969 Workforce: approx. 2,200 Research Program Development Passenger Car Engines and Powertrain Specialist Areas -Commercial vehicle engines -Gasoline Engines and mechanics -Diesel Engines -Exhaust treatment -Powertrain Electronics -Fuels -Transmissions -Acoustics -Powertrain -Electronic drive and energy -Calculation Powertrain storage systems -Assembly -Hybrid drive systems and -Test Area implementation -Simulation and Loading -Strategic Energy Projects -Powertrain and Transmissions -MMI concepts and systems Daimler locations 14
  15. 15. Mercedes-Benz Sindelfingen plant Hard Facts Established: 1915 Total area 2.9 million m² Area in use: 1.3 million m² Workforce: approx. 28,804 Production Program Annual production: 398,646 Product Range -S-Class -CL-Class -E-Class -CLS-Class -C-Class -Maybach Daimler locations 15
  16. 16. Mercedes-Benz Technology Center Sindelfingen Hard Facts Established: 2000 Workforce: approx. 6,600 Research Program Development of overall vehicle covering full range from prototypes to pro-vehicles and Null series. Specialist Areas -Design (PC, Vans & Trucks) -Active Safety -Body Shell Concepts -Passive Safety -Corrosion Protection -Aerodynamics -Electrics/Electronics -Cooling -Breaks -Noise, Vibration, -Driving Dynamics Harshness -Assistent Systems -Testing -Cabin Functions -Telematics Daimler locations 16
  17. 17. Mercedes-Benz GmbH, Affalterbach Hard Facts Established: 1967 Total area 56,877 m² Area in use: 42,000 m² Workforce: approx. 800 Production Program Annual production: approx. 20,000 Product Range/Business Areas -Production vehicles -Performance Studio -Sport package -Driving Academy Daimler locations 17
  18. 18. Mercedes-Benz Berlin Plant Hard Facts Established: 1902 Total area 502,000 m² Area in use: 236,000 m² Workforce: approx. 2,991 Production Program Engines: 218,632 Product Range -Engines (12-cylinder gasoline engines, 6 - 8-cylinder diesel engines) -Components (oil and water pumps, camshafts) -Parts (camshaft adjusters, crankshafts, central valves, transmission parts) Daimler locations 18
  19. 19. Mercedes-Benz Technology Center Berlin Hard Facts Established: 1977 Workforce: approx. 240 Reseach Program Electrics/Electronic and Information Technology. Software technology lab works on the Specialist Areas development of software-based systems. -Knowledge-based Development and Production -Software Technology/Methods and Tools -Interaction- and Communication Design -Society and Technology -Driving Simulator Daimler locations 19
  20. 20. Mercedes-Benz Bremen Plant Hard Facts Established: 1938 Total area 1,396,000 m² Area in use: 606,400 m² Workforce: 12,993 Production Program Annual production: 261,714 Product Range -Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan and T-model -CLK-Class Coupé and Cabriolet -SLK -SL -GLK Daimler locations 20
  21. 21. Mercedes-Benz Düsseldorf Plant Hard Facts Established: 1889 Total area 623,841 m² Area in use: 534,835 m² Workforce: approx. 7,593 Production Program Annual production: 155,501 Product Range -Sprinter (Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Dodge) Daimler locations 21
  22. 22. Mercedes-Benz Hamburg Plant Hard Facts Established: 1935 Total area 327,000 m² Area in use: 125,000 m² Workforce: approx. 2,595 Production Program Front axles/ Rear axles: 569,787 Product Range -Axles (front axles, rear axles) -Components (steering columns, axle and engine components, pedal systems, foot-operated parking brakes, structural components) Daimler locations 22
  23. 23. Mercedes-Benz Ludwigsfelde Plant Hard Facts Established: 1935/36 Total area 540,000 m² Area in use: 182,000 m² Workforce: approx. 2,600 Production Program Vario: 25 veh. per day Product Range Sprinter: 245 veh. per day -Vario, Sprinter Daimler locations 23
  24. 24. Mercedes-Benz Kassel Plant Hard Facts Established: 1810 Total area 199,456 m² Area in use: 19,528 m² Workforce: approx. 3,000 Production Program Axles: 580,000 Product Range Propshafts 250,000 -Axle systems for vans up to heavy-duty trucks and buses -Propshafts and ring gear and pinions for commercial vehicles, trailer axle systems, differential housings for passenger cars Daimler locations 24
  25. 25. Mercedes-Benz Gaggenau Plant Hard Facts Established: 1894 Total area 412,041 m² Area in use: 106,900 m² Workforce: approx. 6,522 Production Program Transmissions: 532,000 Product Range Axles: 91,300 -Manual/automatic gearshift systems, transmission service center, planetary and portal axles, tool and Converters: 1,228,500 workshop equipment production, torque converters converters for passenger car gearboxes -Metal forming technology, machining technology, international logistics consolidation center, truck vehicle testing Daimler locations 25
  26. 26. Mercedes-Benz Mannheim Plant Hard Facts Established: 1908 Total area 888,344 m² Area in use: 423,000 m² Workforce: approx. 5,353 Production Program Engines: 398,000 Product Range -Engine plant: diesel engines for commercial and special-purpose vehicles, industrial diesel engines -Remanufactured engine-foundry: CV cylinder crankcases, CV cylinder heads, CV rear axle bracket housings, flywheels Daimler locations 26
  27. 27. EvoBus GmbH, Ulm & Neu-Ulm Plants Hard Facts Established: 1991 Total area 442,000 m² Area in use: 92,500 m² Workforce: approx. 3,820 Production Program Annual production: 3,081 Product Range -Paintwork, assembly and finishing Mercedes-Benz and Setra intercity buses and coaches and Setra double-decker coaches Daimler locations 27
  28. 28. Mercedes-Benz Technology Center Ulm-Nabern Hard Facts Established: 1990 Workforce: app. 880 Research Program Basis for the vehicle technologies and Specialist Areas production methods of tomorrow. -Knowledge-based development & production -Fuell-Cell System Technology Develoment of fuel cell and hydrogen-based -Electrochemical Energy Converter technology. The top objective is to bring -Electric Drive and Storage Systems top-efficiency emission-free drivetrains for -Light Technologies road use from the laboratories. -Passive Safety and Structural Analysis -Surface Technology Construction and Drivetrains -Rapid technologies and Production Management -Production Methods and Structural Materials -Environmental recording and interpretation -Dialog systems -Virtual product and production modeling -Data and Process Management Daimler locations 28
  29. 29. Mercedes-Benz Rastatt Plant Hard Facts Established: 1992 Total area 1.4 million m² Area in use: 406,000 m² Workforce: approx. 5,741 Production Program Annual production: 252,316 Product Range -Mercedes A and B-Class Daimler locations 29
  30. 30. Mercedes-Benz Wörth Plant Hard Facts Established: 1963 Total area 2,463,186 m² Area in use: 544,729 m² Workforce: approx. 11,631 Production Program Annual production: 98,830 Product Range -Atego -Actros -AXOR -Unimog -Econic Daimler locations 30