Finding new solutions
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2   Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility.   With you.          3

4   Content                                      Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility.       With you.          ...
6   Students   Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility.   With you.                                                ...
8       Students                                                                                       Finding new solutio...
10      Graduates                                                                                             Finding new ...
12   Graduates   Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility.   With you.                                              ...
14      Graduates                                                                                           Finding new so...
16      What we offer                                                                                      Finding new sol...
18      Our brands            Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility.   With you.                                 ...
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Daimler career booklet


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Daimler career booklet

  1. 1. Daimler Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility. With you. Career entry and development opportunities for students, graduates and early professionals. B20.200.01.436.01.A Daimler AG Human Resources Stuttgart, Germany www.daimler.com
  2. 2. 2 Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility. With you. 3 Start fulfilling your potential from day one.
  3. 3. 4 Content Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility. With you. Introduction 5 We go the extra mile – are you 01 With us, you can fulfill your potential with us? while you are still studying. 07 Internship 07 Daimler Student Partnership (dsp) 08 Seminar Paper and Thesis 08 Student and Vacation Jobs 02 Getting off to a good start after your studies is important – so what are you waiting for? About us: We have a unique compass for the best path to the future of mobility – the ideas of our employees*. Due to the skills of each individual and the opportunities for constant development, our teams are able to produce sustainable products and realise unconventional solutions. Not only in Research & Development, but also in areas such as Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales, Procurement, and Information 10 CAReer Technology. This is the only way to keep on convincing our customers with automobile products of state of the art with respect to comfort, safety and fuel economy. Our employees are crucial to our success, a fact we are always aware of. This is why we believe in 12 Direct entry equal opportunities, fairness, honesty, and a harmonious working environment. Does that sound interesting? Then read on. 14 Doctorate positions About you: 03 You are looking for a company that will simply offer you more, both during your studies and once you have completed them. You want more opportunities to develop yourself, more chances of being promoted and more freedom to implement your own ideas – right from the beginning. On the following pages we explain what your particular career start with Daimler might look like. We offer you an interesting role in a multinational company in line with your qualifications, combined with a range of career development programs adapted to suit We offer a fully equipped employer. your background and ambitions. The routes that lead to Daimler are just as varied as the opportunities we offer. You could join us for an internship, a student job or for your thesis and final dissertation. Then again, you might be joining us after having completed your academic career. Step into the future with us. Become a member of our team in a company in which anything is possible because you make it possible. 16 Enjoy your work at Daimler. 18 Have we met before? * Please regard all forms of address as gender-neutral. In the interest of brevity and clarity, we normally use only one form, which always includes the other gender.
  4. 4. 6 Students Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility. With you. Students 7 Test your theor- Our internships – provide you with the best preparation for your professional future in the thick of it from day one.. with Daimler. We can offer practical assignments in or outside of Germany. You will also be invited to join an exclusive online Whether your internship is in Research and Development, Procure- community where you can exchange experiences with other ment, Sales and Marketing or Information Technlology, you will be student participants. The Daimler Student Partnership program given first-hand experience of how a multinational company oper- will give you an insight into the different divisions of our company, ates. From the start, you will be involved in important processes so that later on you will know exactly how to make the most of etical knowledge and asked to take responsibility for the tasks you complete as part your professional career. of your role in delivering challenging projects. You will draw on the knowledge you have acquired from your studies and extend it with Facilitating your success – during and after your studies. practical experience. Regular contact with your mentor will ensure you achieve the personal goals you set yourself for the period of The requirement for sponsorship is an impressive record of aca- your internship. Frequently, opportunities will arise which might set demic achievement in a degree course relevant to Daimler’s oper- you on your future course. ations. You should be aiming to complete your course with aca- Your most important step is for you to know where you are headed. demic distinction in the next two years. One method of qualifying in real life – Once you know this, go to www.career.daimler.com and search for for the program is on the recommendation of a department at a position with us that will get you there. On our website, you will Daimler. In this case, you will have already proven your commit- find all the current vacancies across our different ment, your ability to work as a team player and your outstanding locations. You will also be able to discover more on the scope of achievements during a previous internship or on vocational training the tasks and the length of the internships, which vary from two with us. You can also be part of the program if you possess a key to six months. What are you waiting for? Apply for a position in qualification which you would like to develop further with us. Germany or at one of our international Daimler subsidiaries (their addresses are also on our website). Once you have successfully Are you one of the best? be a student at completed the application stage, all that remains for you to say is, Then prove it to us during the application process! let’s get down to work! Once you have submitted a persuasive written application, we The Daimler Student Partnership – will get to know each other better through an online test and a The motor to your dream job. telephone interview. If you are successful, we will invite you to the assessment center. If you have any queries, please feel free In addition to internships, we offer a Group-wide development pro- to send us an email at: student.partnership@daimler.com. gram for outstanding students enrolled on technical and business Daimler. courses. Daimler’s Student Partnership program accompanies you until the end of your studies. It ensures that you develop your full potential even while you are pursuing your academic career. Through personal mentoring, individual support and training, we Individual support and development Selection process Internships in or outside of Germany Career entry and integration Networking After we have checked your application: Individual support and development Launching your career at Daimler • Online test • Your mentor and local advisor • Active support in your search for a suitable • Telephone interview • Individual career development plan career entry position • Assessment center • Annual career development discussions • Preparation for possible participation on the • Participation at specialist seminars and CAReer program • training events Practical assignments at Daimler • Internship placements in or outside of Germany • Support in your search for a final dissertation topic Networking opportunities for program participants • Online community • Special events
  5. 5. 8 Students Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility. With you. Students 9 Your thesis – a good degree A useful link for your thesis: is a good start. www.career.daimler.com. Give your academic work a push in the right Your route to success for term papers, direction. By linking the subject of your the- diplomas, first degrees or postgraduate sis to the work we are doing, you stand to research, could not be simpler. Choose gain many advantages. Of course you bene- an area for your study from our website fit us as well. Technological leadership can (www.career.daimler.com) and submit an only be maintained through constant pion- online application directly to us. In addition eering research activity. That theses play a to solid academic achievements, passion big role in this is no secret. The reason why is what we require from you. Regardless of you should choose to test and further devel- which of our areas you intend to join, we op your thesis with us, is something we are expect as much from you as you can ex- more than happy to tell you. Every year, we pect from us. That is to say, outstanding register more than 1,600 ground-breaking achievements, a pioneering spirit, passion patents and lay the foundation for future and commitment. Of further benefit to you sustainable solutions with a raft of new in- are the valuable practical assignments that novations. This is true not just in Research will elevate your studies to a higher level. & Development, but also in areas such as Your final dissertation may ultimately be Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales, Procure- the start of a successful career with Daimler. ment and Information Technology. Your re- search can profit from this, as you will have Gathering experience – with a student our full support and access to our knowl- or vacation job. edge and expertise while you are writing up your term papers or thesis. If your academic achievements not only im- press your lecturer but are likely to impress Support for your ideas – our managers as well, then consider taking the nuts and bolts of success. part in one of our exciting projects with a student job. This way you gain hands-on While you are writing, you will have access experience and know-how, which you can to the Group’s resources and technical in- then take back to your lectures. Practical formation, for example via our online library experience related to your area of study will databases and our employee portal. You always be of benefit to you. You will learn will also benefit from networking with other about Daimler’s wide range of operations students, doctoral candidates and Daimler and perhaps even discover the dream job employees who can provide you with the you wish to pursue after your studies. Take detailed insight you require to advance your your first step here: www.career.daimler.com. work. However, even more important to the success of your thesis is the continued per- sonal support by one of our employees, who can give you helpful advice as an ex- pert in your particular area. You will be given all the support you need. Shape your own future – while working on your Figure: On the left: the first automobile produced by Benz and Daimler. seminar paper, thesis or on a student job. On the right: Our apprentices and students at work here constructed a model of the F-Cell roadster with a fuel-cell drive system. This is not just an example of a successful project outcome but also illustrates the pioneering spirit of our interns, students and graduates.
  6. 6. 10 Graduates Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility. With you. Graduates 11 You have more than You know what your strong brands behind you: you also have a strong mentor. ambitions are – In order to structure your program as efficiently as possible, you The application process. We know how you can will always have a personal mentor to advise you. This will be an experienced executive manager, who will support you in your spe- The first step into your future is an easy one. Check our website cialist area and be a personal point of contact for you over the (www.career.daimler.com) for a vacancy on the CAReer program. entire period of the program. Successful completion of the CAReer There is sure to be an area ideally suited to your background and program is the best prerequisite for continued success in the future. expectations. Your online application sets the ball rolling. It is then up to you to prove to us in the various application stages that you achieve them – with At Daimler we work as a team across borders and time zones. are among the best. After a successful performance at the Assess- What does that feel like? We would prefer it if you found out for ment Center, you might soon be able to take up you desired position. yourself. During your project assignments and the peer group project with your fellow trainees you can show what it takes to That is what we are hoping for. move forward together. CAReer. The application process Online application CAReer – the talent program. face. Your first step is to determine the content and structure of your Screening of applications individualized trainee program with your personal contact person from You have already accomplished a great deal. That is a good start, but your target area. Then you will complete three coordinated project don’t stop now. CAReer, our global trainee program puts you in pole posi- phases, the first of which will be in your target area. This is where you Online test tion for a successful career at Daimler. You’ll get to know Daimler from will first learn the ropes of the role you will return to after you have com- the inside out and – before you know it – you’ll take on responsibilities pleted the program. Following completion of the project in your target yourself and introduce your own ideas. Because with CAReer you enter a area, you will be placed on practical assignments at other business loca- Telephone interview permanent employment contract with us that offers an attractive bene- tions and areas of operation, either in Germany or abroad. This will en- fits package. able you to widen your horizon early on, allowing you to gain an overall understanding of the Group’s operations while establishing a network of Assessment Center What we expect from you: a passion for automotives, a college degree in personal connections. a technical or administrative discipline, strong dedication to your subject area and personal commitment. Candidates with up to some years of You will make advances on both practical and theoretical levels. professional experience are just as welcome to apply as graduates of all higher education institutions. The CAReer program allows you to prove Aside from the practical aspect of the program, you will be able to ad- your talent in the following areas: vance yourself in other ways as well. Two series of skills-training in tech- Program duration (12 –15 months) nical subjects and methodological skills will deepen the practical know- Individualized coaching and mentoring • Engineering, Research & Development how you gained from your project assignments. Additional seminars and • Manufacturing & Related Functions workshops will then allow you to consolidate and broaden your abilities ‘Off-the-job’ training ‘On-the-job’ training • Procurement & Supply even further. This is how you will gain the decisive knowledge advantage • Sales & Marketing you will need for your future career. But knowledge isn’t everything. This Personalization of the program structure Project 1 In your target area • Finance, Leasing & Banking is why we emphasize the importance of teamwork and a supportive work (3–5 months) • Information Technology environment. As part of our CAReer program you will also be working to- Training module 1 • Human Resources gether with different teams and getting to know other trainees. Working “Get to know and experience Daimler” Project 2 • Finance & Controlling together with them, you will learn what it means to be a true team player Cross-divisional assignment and how to achieve more through cooperation. The contacts you will de- The peer group project (3–5 months) Every day is different. And that’s the beauty of it. velop with colleagues and management staff from all over the world dur- ing the program will be just as important to your future career. And who Project 3 Training module 2 Cross-functional assignment Whatever area you gained your qualifications in, we are sure to have a knows, perhaps in your rotation through the different business areas you “Share your knowledge and experience” (3–5 months) suitable position available on our website (www.career.daimler.com). will discover talents you didn’t know you had. During the 12 to 15-month program you will receive optimal training to Integration in your target area be able to meet your future responsibilities and the challenges you will
  7. 7. 12 Graduates Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility. With you. Graduates 13 Did you set yourself challenging academic goals, which you have now achieved? Then it is time for your next big step. You already have a very clear idea of which work as a team player – we take your aca- area you would like to work in. If your goal demic qualifications as read. Naturally, we is nothing short of reinventing the automo- offer you something in return; namely, a bile, then you are at the right place. As a role that challenges you and a team that business economist, financial controller or helps you to develop. From the start you process engineer, you won’t necessarily be will be integrated into the company’s pro- Take the direct route reinventing the car. But you will certainly cesses. Through the personalized induction introduce innovation to its manufacture, program and on-the-job training, you will financing or in solving whatever is the big- quickly be able to make use of your expert- gest challenge in your specialist area. It ise. There is one other thing you can expect does not matter where you start with us, from a direct career entry with Daimler. We we intend to write a new chapter in auto- will enable you to advance your skills even to your career motive history with you. If you too have further with skills training, different career inspiring goals you would like to realize options and many opportunities across our in Germany or abroad, then welcome to worldwide company. Daimler. Welcome to a team that provides all its members the room they need to best You know what you want – we do too. develop themselves. Find all the information and job destination. Do you consider yourself one of the best advertisements for your career entry with and would you like to continue Daimler at: www.career.daimler.com. improving yourself? Your application should convince us of your skills and inform us of your previous If your answer is yes, we will let you in on a experience and expectations. little secret. What we consider most import- ant are your personal qualities, your strong communication skills and your ability to
  8. 8. 14 Graduates Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility. With you. Graduates 15 Research drives progress – opportunities for doctoral candidates. A Group that invests several billion euros in research every year a dissertation topic which could have a considerable bearing also appreciates the value of your research. So if you are looking to on our joint future and the endorsement of an academic PhD incorporate real-life situations into your academic work, we would supervisor who supports your research objectives. Naturally, like to recommend ourselves to you as your partner. All doors will you must hold an outstanding high-level degree that proves be open to you. Contacts, research materials, insights into our your passion and commitment. Take your first step by applying work, up-to-date information and personal mentors who support for a doctoral candidate position on our website: you every step of the way. We will also ensure you can complete www.career.daimler.com. We recommend that you approach us your doctorate within a reasonable time frame, without having to at least three months before you start your research, so that we accept any compromises. All of this is provided so that you can can best support you. forge new trails and produce results that are of interest beyond the academic world. What we expect from you:
  9. 9. 16 What we offer Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility. With you. What we offer 17 Daimler – a fully equipped employer. Congratulations. You have achieved a great deal. You have studied, Increased global knowledge. completed your internships and finished your final dissertation. This qualifies you for a career entry at Daimler. However, if you Our opportunities for further development are of the premium stan- thought you had learnt all there is to know, you would be mistaken. dard expected of a multinational Group. We can offer you technical Now is the time for your career development to really take off. At and personal professional development in almost all areas of inter- Daimler nobody ever finishes learning. This is why we offer our em- est. This includes language courses and Information and Communi- ployees a broad spectrum of opportunities to continue developing cation Technology training, presentation and working techniques, themselves while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. How is and intercultural programs which extend far beyond simple lan- that possible? To find out, read on. guage training. LEAD – your personal development at a glance. Enjoy a healthy work-life balance. The instrument ‘Leadership Evaluation And Development’ stands Our employment benefits provision extends to many areas of the for a comprehensible and transparent evaluation of your perform- lives of our employees. Our variety of flexible working patterns is ance. It allows a plan of action to be drawn up to further your ca- just one example of these advantages. The benefits differ from reer development. Joint goal agreements and individual develop- country to country, in Germany for example, children’s nursery ment planning then support you in making targeted progress. places and health & fitness opportunities support our employees in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Our employees also profit Helping you to stay ahead. from the leading position we take in providing social benefits, for example with our Daimler Employee Pension Plan. The bonuses we Daimler can offer you various opportunities across the entire pay in particularly successful years is another example. A further Group. For example our Corporate Academy, which enables reward is our ideas management scheme, which remunerates specialists and managers to meet the complex challenges employees to the tune of 30 million annually. Last but not least, we facing the global automotive business with informed know-how. offer special rates and various financing options on the purchase Tailored skills training enables our employees to increase their of our own products. But that’s not all. You will discover the other knowledge of issues in their specialist business areas and to aspects of our comprehensive employment package when you join address regional challenges. the team. We look forward to welcoming you.
  10. 10. 18 Our brands Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility. With you. Our brands 19 Have we met Mercedes-Benz Cars before? Daimler Trucks Mercedes-Benz Vans Daimler Buses Daimler at a glance. Daimler AG, Stuttgart, with its businesses Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler Daimler Financial Services Trucks, Daimler Financial Services, Mercedes-Benz Vans, and Daimler Buses, is a globally leading producer of premium passenger cars and the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the world. The Daimler Financial Services division has a broad offering of financial services relating to automobiles.