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Wordpress Tutorial


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How to activate a wordpress account to have access to a blog.

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Wordpress Tutorial

  1. 1. WORDPRESS TUTORIAL By Daiana Martinez
  2. 2. HOW TO START A BLOG… 2. Click on this box to SIGN UP 1. Go to:
  3. 3. 3. Write a USERNAME. It will identify you as the blog administrator. 4. Write a PASSWORD. It should be easy to remember for you but difficult to guess for others! 5. Write the SAME password again. 6. Write your REAL e-mail address to receive updates from your blog. 9. Finally, click NEXT! 7. Read the CONTRACT and if you agree with it, tick the empty box. 8. Click “Gimme a blog!” to get your account.
  4. 4. Helpinghands Helpinghands 10. This will be the name of your blog. People will find it in google with this name! 11. This will be the title of your blog. You can change it whenever you want. 12. Don’t be tricky and do it in English! Ha ha ha 13. You can click here if you want people to find your blog. 14. Click here!
  5. 5. 15. Open your e-mail account. You will see an e-mail like this one. helpinghands 16. Click the link to activate your account. 5blue2010
  6. 6. 5blue2010 17. You will receive a confirmation. YOUR ACCOUNT IS ACTIVE! Helpinghands 18. Click here to get into your BLOG.
  7. 7. 19. Write your USERNAME. 20. Write your PASSWORD. 21. Click Here! You can also LOG IN here
  8. 8. 23. Click here to modify the aspect of your blog. 22. This will be your working area, the administrator sector! Here you will modify everything you want…
  9. 9. 24. Here you will find different options to “decorate” your blog. 25. You can “preview” the theme to try it in your blog. If you like the chosen theme, you can “activate” it!
  10. 10. 26. Click here to see the aspect of your blog! Now you can have your own blog! You will learn how to administer it in the next tutorial!