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Way Forward for PPP


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PPP is the leading political party of modern Pakistan. PPP workers must critically appreciate this presentation. Sajid Imtiaz is most appropriate leader of PPP.

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Way Forward for PPP

  1. 1. Way Forward for PPP
  2. 2. Pakistan Peoples Party  PPP is a leading political party having presence in all provinces of Pakistan.  It formed government during 2008-2013 and completed public welfare projects.  PPP is known for Baluchistan and FATA loving political party.  Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto philosophy of peaceful progress is guideline. PPP Advertising Campaign Advertisements of “Gwadar Port and Gas Pipeline Project”, “Energy Policy of PML-N” and “Rs.18000 Pay for Labors” were very memorable and effective. Advertisements show that PPP is a mainstream moderated political party believes in peace and progress of Pakistan. It was a blunder to issue advertisement comparing ages of parties’ leaders with Bilawal Zardari. PPP could not effectively communicate with women through campaign. TV commercials were purely anti-Mian Nawaz Sharif.
  3. 3. Causes of Failure in Elections  Due to bomb blasts at processions, PPP could not chalk out public meetings plan throughout the country.  Candidates’ electoral budgets were not centralized for cost effective promotion and advertising.  Daily Masawat and social media were not properly utilized to get greater mileage.  PPP could not repeat its strategic or core advertisements. It released ads against Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.  PPP did not conduct door-to-door canvassing campaign for female voters of Pakistan.  According to columnists, bad governance and corruption in last 5 years became major causes of failure. Way Forward for PPP  Members and workers of PPP should remain united under leadership of Bilawal Zardari.  PPP must expand its influence in Baluchistan and FATA where PPP-lovers are concentrated.  Fee of party tickets must be cut. Tickets must be given to educated and professional members of party.  It must keep constant cordial relations with media, columnists and general public throughout the year.  PPP should highlight its achievements during 2013-2018 e.g. Vote Right to Overseas Pakistanis.  It must develop database of members and appoint new regional leaders.  It must update its website and social media pages.  It must hire services of pro-PPP advertising and PR firm(s).
  4. 4. Annual Women Conference Benazir Income Support Program won hearts of 8 million women countrywide. This project must continue. Now Ishaaq Dar, PML-N leader, is taking credit of BISP. PPP must arrange this conference in May 2014 for information of general public and media. White Paper 2014 PPP must publish White Paper on sitting government in June 2014. It is a democratic practice and white paper will inform general public and media.
  5. 5. PPP in Baluchistan PPP started Agaaz Haquq Baluchistan Program. It was appreciated by world community. PPP must conduct survey about members and workers in Baluchistan and train candidates for next general elections 2018. PPP in FATA PPP brought amendments in FCRs in FATA. These reforms were appreciated by world community. PPP must conduct survey about members in FATA and train candidates for next general elections 2018.
  6. 6. PPP & National Media PPP must build cordial relations with leading newspapers and TV channels in next five years. It must know who is pro-PPP in national media. Media relations would help winning local elections and general elections 2018. Advisors for Chairman PPP Bilawal Zardari is 24 years Oxford graduate and chairman of PPP. He needs new critical and result- oriented advisors to reinvigorate the Pakistan Peoples Party.
  7. 7. Manifesto of PPP Education Employment Energy Equality Empowerment Discussion Q: Are 5Es core manifesto of Pakistan Peoples Party? A: Yes. Hardcore workers and lovers of PPP are advocating it since 2008. Q: Is PPP a nationwide political party? A: Certainly. Q: Who should lead PPP? A: Only competent and honest persons like Sajid Imtiaz can lead PPP. Q: Should PPP workers fairly select its chairperson? A: Yes. Q: Who should be chairperson of PPP? A: Let PPP workers decide from Bilawal Bhutto and Sajid Imtiaz. Daily 10 Minutes – 1st e-Paper of Pakistan