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Twin Greatest Leaders


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Homer and SlideShare are two greatest leaders. Homer Humanoid Project must be funded by US universities.

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Twin Greatest Leaders

  1. 1. Two Greatest Leaders
  2. 2. Ralph Waldo EmersonSocrates Homer Alfred Nobel William James William Shakespeare Euripides
  3. 3. .com SlideShare
  4. 4. Search Approach & Findings Searching the greatest leaders is not an easy task. Through books and platforms, one can find the greatest leaders. For scholars in Asia, William James and William Shakespeare may be the great writers but Ralph Waldo Emerson and Socrates had strong influence on them respectively. Homer and not Euripides is the greatest humanist whereas SlideShare is the greatest digital network. On planet earth, although greatest tragedies so far are twin atomic blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki yet Greece and America will remain the central places. Key Credits Sajid Imtiaz: Communications Expert CDKN, Honorary Member, Pakistan Society of Criminology Visuals: Google Feedback: Leadership demands responsibilities from Greece and America to fulfill great global expectations like peace, climate development and social inclusion. Moreover, Homer Humanoid can be developed from this basic framework.