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Rising Digital Marketing


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Digital Marketing is on rise in Pakistan.

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Rising Digital Marketing

  1. 1. D igitalM arketing in Pakistan SMS
  2. 2. Email Advertising 5 Million emails of Pakistanis in Rs.1000 only Email Items  Newsletters  Brochures  Product Leaflets SMS Advertising 80000 SMS in Rs.1000 only on all mobile phone networks SMS Items  Offers  Events  Discounts
  3. 3. Presence  Karachi  Lahore  Gujranwala  Faisalabad  Peshawar  Gujrat  Rawalpindi  Islamabad Discussion Q: Are ad agencies in Pakistan using digital advertising? A: Yes due to cost effectiveness. Smart phone holders response to every SMS. Q: Are above mentioned rates authentic? A: These rates are being offered by a Karachi-based firm, PC Secure Enterprise. Q: Is digital advertising on rise in Pakistan? A: Small businesses are opting for digital advertising.
  4. 4. Global Trends Sajid Imtiaz: Creative Director, Xnine Communication