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Renewable Energy Solutions


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CDKN is looking for a supplier to provide technical assistance to the Government of Pakistan towards developing a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) proposal on renewable energy strategies for Sialkot.

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Renewable Energy Solutions

  1. 1. Renewable Energy Solutions for Sialkot (Pakistan) General Scope This work is expected to build understanding around the viability of renewable energy based industrial solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in Sialkot, particularly with regard to how this might support industrial development and energy sustainability, and deliver mitigation and adaptation co-benefits in the process (development benefits such as jobs creation, energy efficiency, environmental protection, etc.). Invitation to Tender: TAAS-0047 Renewable Energy Solutions for Punjab’s Industrial Sector; Evaluating the NAMA Approach in Sialkot City The call is a two stage process. Eligible organizations and consortia are first required to submit completed Expressions of Interest (EOIs) forms outlining the proposed research project and providing examples of relevant experience on NAMA latest by 17 October 2014. Contact: Sajid Imtiaz: Communications Expert CDKN, Honorary Member Pakistan Society of Criminology