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Defense in Depth


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Public Security Bureau is the best counter terrorism solution for Pakistan.

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Defense in Depth

  1. 1. Public Security Bureau Defense in Depth In Pakistan, security has been the most critical need. Terrorists have been damaged our physical and human assets systematically. Though government agencies have been working on war footing basis yet there are no positive results. Lately National Counter Terrorism Authority is a case in reference. Today politicians like Faisal Raza Abidi are calling Pakistan a failure state and demand for military- national-government. The time has come for elected government of PML-N to establish Public Security Bureau comprises of honest professionals from academia, media and police. Public Security Bureau having field offices countrywide (including FATA) would establish much-needed writ of law and approach would be Chinese. Sajid Imtiaz: Expert Member CDKN, Honorary Member Pakistan Society of Criminology