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Public Jury in Pakistani Courts


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Public Jury is a must for progressive and dynamic Pakistan. Chief Justice of Pakistan should take notice of this short article if he is really interested in the change through judicial activism. (Sajid Imtiaz)

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Public Jury in Pakistani Courts

  1. 1. Public Jury in Pakistani Courts For Eyes of Chief Justice of Pakistan
  2. 2. Judicial System  Supreme Court of Pakistan  Islamabad High Court  Sindh High Court  Balochistan High Court  Lahore High Court  Peshawar High Court  District Courts  Session Courts  Pakistani nationals working as Experts and Consultants in development organizations  Quality-conscious Businessmen (Syed Babar Ali, Muhammad Ilyas, etc.)  Crime Psychologists (Dr. Fasihuddin, Dr. Sajida Naz, etc.)  Development Journalists  Political Analysts (Bilal Mehbub, Farzana Bari, etc.) Proposed Members
  3. 3. Perceived Benefits  Fair dispensation of justice  Low administrative costs  Satisfied citizens especially poor and middle classes  Decrease in crime rates  Enhanced soft image of Pakistan Phase I Introduction of Public Jury members in Supreme Court of Pakistan and High Courts Phase II Introduction of Public Jury members in district and session courts Reform Phases
  4. 4. Discussion Q: Is Public Jury need of the time in Pakistan? A: Yes. Q: Are Public jury members available in the country? A: Yes. Q: Should courts also get ISO-9000 certification? A: Planning Commission of Pakistan has ISO-9000, therefore, courts must have. Q: Should donors like UNDP and DFID support Public Jury in Pakistan? A: Everyone must support it. Q: Can anyone add suggestions in the presentation? A: Yes. Sajid Imtiaz: No.1 Pakistani Content Writer at Slideshare-