Marketing by Numbers


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Marketing by Numbers is gaining momentum worldwide. (Sajid Imtiaz)

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Marketing by Numbers

  1. 1. Marketing by Numbers 23 5 72
  2. 2. Marketing by Numbers 23 5 72
  3. 3. Discussion Q: Does Pakistani corporate sector use numbers for their concerns? A: America, China and Japan are fond of numbers. In Pakistan, we have First Women Bank Ltd. and First Mennonite Church of Pakistan. Q: Why Xnine Communication is sharing its studies with stakeholders? A: Xnine Communication is performing its CSR. Moreover, information sharing is pre-requisite in modern era. Source of Study This study was conducted at an advertising agency in Islamabad in November 2013 to objectively evaluate trust in numbers to be used for marketing consultancy. Sajid Imtiaz: Creative Director, Xnine Communication