Film: Last Love's Labor


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Two wealthy lovers, spatially apart, employ all means to seek justice for their common assassinated beloved but one gets the success.

  • It is truly captivating film story. I am astonished that a Pakistani national has written the script. PNCA and Nat Institute of Cultural Studies must produce the movie for interntional audience. Best film directors must be hired for the movie. I invite the writer to lunch on Sunday.
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  • It is a remarkable film from Pakistan and Nicole Kidman must produce this film.
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  • Javed Shaikh must produce this film. I am also a Shaikh from Rawalpindi.
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Film: Last Love's Labor

  1. 1. Film: Last Love’s Labor Love, Politics, Intrigue
  2. 2. Synopsis: Two wealthy lovers employ all means to take revenge of their common assassinated beloved. One lover gets pure love while the other fails. Plot: Two lovers spatially separated use all technical means to take revenge of their beloved. They confront problems in pursuit of key objective.
  3. 3. Scene-1 Hero-1 (Javed Sheikh) and heroine (Nicole Kidman) are at a beech resort in Mauritius. They share their good memories. Javed: How much do you love me? Kidman: I love you like Galatia. I love you like Ophelia. I love you like Cleopatra. Kidman informs Javed about will and life threats.
  4. 4. Scene-2 Hero-1 along with friend (Nauman) goes to Japan for business trip while his beloved is assassinated in Paris. On watching sad news on TV in a shopping mall, Hero-1 at once orders for a humanoid of his beloved. He provides tape- recording (sound and speeches) to the robot- manufacturing firm. He wants 99.99% secrecy for this humanoid.
  5. 5. Scene-3 In London, mercenary-gang is enjoying party for successful killing of popular leader, Nicole Kidman. They enjoy meaty dance and booze around. Villain (Robert Davi) distributes money to his cronies and asks them to keep an eye on development in this assassination case.
  6. 6. Scene-4 In a chartered plane, Hero-1 still in shock and grief. He shares grief with his friend (Nauman). They review historical killing of leaders and try to figure out who can be the killer this time. Hero-1’s friend advises him to remain calm and wait for findings of government and INTERPOL investigations.
  7. 7. Scene-5 In London, Hero-2 (Anthony Hopkins) hires two girls of same face and figure of his beloved (Nicole Kidman). He trains them to give the West especially Germany the political leaders like his departed beloved. He provides notes on 5Es; Education, Environment, Empowerment, Energy and Employment. Both girls are practicing Oxford accent.
  8. 8. Scene-6 In Mauritius, Hero-1 and his friend (Nauman) discuss probable killer on a white board. They meet with Chief Security Officer (Moammar Rana) of their beloved. After his departure from room, they logically find Chief Security Officer as chief conspirator and culprit because he possesses Ph.D. in Criminology. Nauman suggests his friend to arrange murder of Moammar Rana on any cost.
  9. 9. Scene-7 Hero-1 arranges a talk show on his TV channel and first time bring humanoid-Kidman on television. Hero-1 takes the role of anchorperson and his friend and humanoid-Kidman as guests. One public call from Dubai is also attended. The Talk Show creates ripples in the world. Hero-1 receives appreciation calls from around the world.
  10. 10. Scene-8 Hero-2 provides money to his friend (Dolph Lundgren) to form new political party in France and introduces his trained-girls as party leaders. Dolph Lundgren arranges mega media conferences in Paris and Milan. French people are very happy to see far better substitutes of Nicole Kidman. Her names are Kidman Sr. and Kidman Jr. World media and diplomatic missions also welcome this positive strategic development.
  11. 11. Scene-9 In London, Moammar Rana is very worried about new developments in France and Germany. He discusses the problem with Robert Davi and orders him to kill Dolph Lundgren for forming new political party in the country. Hero-1’s friend (Nauman) records his killing order.
  12. 12. Scene-10 In next talk show, Hero-1 (Javed Sheikh) exposes this tape- recording to the world. They raise question on forceful signature of 3-member INTERPOL Investigation Commission. People are very happy to know that the real culprit (Moammar Rana) has been exposed. People around the world ask for death sentence of Robert Davi and demand new free and fair general elections.
  13. 13. Scene-11 Kidman Sr. and Kidman Jr. make a rally in Paris (death place of Nicole Kidman) and inform the confused public that in modern era it is difficult to hide facts and murder so long. Establishment’s apathy has been exposed. They demand for new elections. They claim that in their regime, no woman will wail.
  14. 14. Scene-12 In new elections in 2016, the newly formed political party (pioneered by Dolph Lundergren) wins with heavy mandate. New Kidman Sr. and Jr. make a government. Kidman Sr. becomes head of state while Kidman Jr. becomes head of government. They introduce new reforms with 7-minister cabinet.
  15. 15. Scene-13 France is progressing. Every sector of economy has been purged. Trickle up policy has been successful. On 23rd March 2017, in award ceremony decorations (Civil highest order) are given to Nauman Ijaz and Dolph Lundgren.
  16. 16. Scene-14 Robert Davi and Moammar Rana are in 6 x 6 cell in jail for killing of “Daughter of The West”. They have been sentenced for 7 years life imprisonment. Kidman Sr. and Jr. visit them in jail in Paris. Robert Davi is astonished and begs for crime. All of a sudden original spirit of Nicole Kidman appears and she says you have lost Mr. Robert and I have won. No one will shed tears for you but for me.
  17. 17. Scene-15 In London, Hero-1 meets with Hero-2. Both hug each other. Javed says to Anthony “Though you are from West but your love is pure”. I call you not as “Son of the West” but as “Son of the World”. Anthony says that I am always behind big things even like you. Both take sip of brandy and enjoy song of Bob Marley, “No Woman No Cry”.
  18. 18. Characters Javed Sheikh: Hero-1 Sir Anthony Hopkins: Hero-2 Nicole Kidman: Heroine Dolph Lundergren: Friend of Hero-2 Nauman Ijaz: Friend of Hero-1 Proposed cast especially Sir Anthony Hopkins and Javed Sheikh are requested to produce the film. Credits Sajid Imtiaz: Communications Expert CDKN, Member Pakistan Society of Criminology Visuals: Google Feedback: Note: Writer is committed to donate 4% income from the produced-film for establishment of Takschschilla University.