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Katie Couric Clause


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Katie Couric Clause is the best solution for Government-Jang tussle and advanced corporate culture in Pakistan.

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Katie Couric Clause

  1. 1. Katie Couric Clause A Proposal for SECP
  2. 2. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has been revamping the corporate sector of Pakistan. It deposits fine money to federal consolidated fund. Besides code of conduct, SECP has been issuing rules for new corporate culture. Through its countrywide offices it has registered so far 63236 entities. SECP is planning to activate its offices in Peshawar, Faisalabad and Multan so that more companies could be registered to get benefits. Killing attempt incident of Hamid Mir and backdated allegations on government by GEO TV have raised eyebrows worldwide. Development economists of country like Muhammad Ilyas have been demanding for Earning Calls and public listing of large group of publications like Jang and Dawn. In April 2014, government has lately published taxpayers’ directory. Time has come that corporate sector including media companies must report monthly income of top five executives and TV/Press journalists. Hopefully Chairman SECP will take notice of this suggestion for capital formation and sustainable economic growth. Sajid Imtiaz: Expert Member CDKN, Member Advertising Age, Member Harvard Business Review