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Hariharan is the best Urdu Ghazal Singer alive in the world. (Sajid Imtiaz)

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  1. 1. Hariharan We have seen Delhi & roamed in Lahore, O friend, thy place is the best place.
  2. 2. Dilli, Lahore and Gali are metaphors. Poet has been searching for the best organ in human body to sing well. He initially experimented with heart and chest. Ultimately he finds throat is the proper organ to sing well. Explanation I Poet has been searching for the best singer for the unbalanced couplet. He gave this couplet to singers of Delhi and Lahore. He finds Hariharan the best singer in all schools of music in India and Pakistan. Explanation II Faisal Javed Khan, an ex advertising executive and Radio Jockey, is the biggest fan of Hariharan in Pakistan. He has conducted couple of shows on Hariharan. Q: Is this Urdu Ghazal couplet balanced? A: No. Two lines are with different syllables and words. Q: Should a couplet be balanced to sing well? A: Not necessarily. Q: Can a good theme be in an unbalanced couplet? A: Yes. Sajid Imtiaz: Chief Editor, Daily 10 Minutes