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General Elections 2013 - Advertising & PR


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Advertising plays pivotal part in general elections in Pakistan.

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General Elections 2013 - Advertising & PR

  1. 1. General Elections 2013 Advertising & PR Sajid Imtiaz
  2. 2. All rights reserved. Copyright Title: General Elections 2013 - Advertising & PR Author: Sajid Imtiaz Edition: 2013 Quantity: Publisher: Printer: Price: Rs.
  3. 3. Dedication This work is dedicated to all Pakistanis, Mian Imtiaz, Advertising Association of Pakistan, The Asia Foundation, FAFEN, BOI and PILDAT
  4. 4. Contents · Foreword · Political Parties in Pakistan · PPPP Campaign · PTI Campaign · PML-N Campaign · ANP Campaign · JUI Campaign · JI Campaign · MQM Campaign · QWP Campaign · Findings · Recommendations · Calculate Print Budget · Calculate Radio Budget
  5. 5. · Calculate TV Budget · Media Summary · Candidate Electoral Clout · Business Opportunity for Youth · Activation of 220 Political Parties · 3 World Records · Voter Statistics · About the Author Foreword Value of ballot is known to everyone in the world. Pakistan has democratically matured by conducting general and local government elections throughout the country despite of law and order situation. Over 15000 candidates contested to win votes of 86 million registered voters.
  6. 6. General Elections 2013 Advertising and PR is a well researched and original work. It informs readers about media and opinion leaders’ involvement in general elections. New advertising tool “Candidate Electoral Clout” would help adpersons. Findings are thought-provoking. There was great need of this work. It is an authentic reference booklet for students and political analysts of Pakistan and world. One day two-party political system would be in vogue in the country. Big advertising agencies and PR firms must focus on research and field work. Hopefully people will remember this benchmark booklet. Political Parties of Pakistan There are more than 230 parties are registered with Election Commission of Pakistan. No political party boycotted the elections save Pakistan Awami Tehreek.
  7. 7. Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians Leader: Makhdum Ameen Faheem Ad Agencies: Midas Lead Columnists: Ghulam Akbar & Nadeem Paracha Chief Supporter: Syed Ameer Hussain Bokhari, U.K. Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz Leader: Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Ad Agencies: MCOM, Channel7 & Creative Media Lead Columnists: Irfan Siddique Chief Supporter: Ataul Haq Qasmi Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Leader: Imran Khan Niazi Ad Agencies: Midas Communication & Fasttrack Lead Columnists: Shafqat Mahmud & Shireen Mazari
  8. 8. Chief Supporter: Sajid Khan Mohmand Jamaat Islami Pakistan Leader: Syed Munawar Hussain Lead Columnists: Sajjad Meer & Mian Munir Ad Agencies: Awami National Party Leader: Asfand Yar Wali Khan Ad Agencies: Fasttrack Chief Supporter: Youth Parliament Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Advertising Campaign of PPP-P It was a comprehensive campaign using electronic, print and outdoor media. Advertising agency used slogan and layout throughout the country. Taraqi Ka Nishan, Teer Ka Nishan was a recallable slogan.
  9. 9. Print advertisements dealt with issues of energy, Talibanization, terrorism, poverty and labor force. Promise of Rs.18000 minimum labor wage is commendable. Several advertisements were directly against Mian Nawaz Sharif declaring him pro-Taliban and anti-media by using news statements of 1998 and 1999. Mega programs e.g. Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline and Gawadar Port initiated were also advertised. Age comparison ad was not liked by people. A British national, Syed Ameer Hussain Bokhari released full-page print adverts in Daily Jang (Rawalpindi, Peshawar). TV Commercials were purely anti-PML-N by using Lie Series on electricity load shedding and other issues. Candidates of NA-49 sought support of sons of Pir Mehr Mohiuddin aka Golra Sharif. Muhammad Zulfiqar Afghani, PPP candidate from NA-1 used caption “No Prisoner in 5 Years (2008-2013)”. It is a fact and laudable. Arbab Alamgir Khan advertised his solo ads
  10. 10. without any message. He should have used slogan, “Aman Har Kimat Par, Khushaali Sab Kay Liyay”. Several columnists especially Babar Awan wrote in favor of PPP. After defeat in elections, it did not release White Paper. Advertising Campaign of PML-N It was an issue-based campaign with poor grid system in print media. See Daily Jang of 2 May 2013. Ad agencies deliberately tried to position Mian Nawaz Sharif as great leader without snaps of Allama Iqbal and Jinnah. Three slogans were used; “Khudaar, Khushaal, Khudmukhtar Pakistan”, “Badla Hai Punjab, Badlain Gay Pakistan” and “Sher Ka Nisan, Roshan Pakistan”. Ad agencies did not develop caps, voter cards, head bands and badges for candidates of PML-N. Maryam Nawaz was not depicted in any advert. Zafar Iqbal Jhagra regularly advertised in newspapers.
  11. 11. Shehbaz Sharif and Irfan Siddique consumed their energies against Imran Khan. They did not take advice of advertising professionals. Ad agencies should have used issues like Hazara and Bahawalpur provinces besides achievements like Motorway and Nuclear Tests. After spinal cord injury to Imran Khan, PML-N stopped its anti-Imran campaign. Advertising Campaign of PTI It was based on tsunami drive of 2011. Principal advertising agency developed a uniform campaign against inefficient political parties like PPP and PML-N. Imran Khan is a cricket legend and social worker par excellence. Naya Pakistan campaign was promotional as well as fund raiser for the party. Imran Khan is famous in urban women but they were not depicted in ads.
  12. 12. No doubt, presence of PTI on digital media is very high yet we do not know Klout score of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf. Besides Naya Pakistan, Insaf Ki Siyasat, Mandina Ki Riyasat slogan was used in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Principal ad agency should have cooperated with the regional advertising agencies for effective communication. Haji Khan Shad Afridi conducted an effective campaign in NA-45 FATA. Several columnists wrote in favor of and against PTI. Some PTI workers have tattoo of Imran Khan on their left forearms. Advertising Campaign of ANP It was based on manifesto and achievements in last five years. Ad agencies highlighted personalities like Bacha Khan and Asfand Yar
  13. 13. Wali and used reference book, Fakhr-e- Mardan by Imran Ahmad Safi. Peaceful Pakistan was the slogan. ANP established 8 universities in last 5 years. It is a world record. On 5th May 2013, ANP depicted Imran Khan in a half-page ad in Daily Aaj. It enhanced image of ANP and Bacha Khan. On 8th May, it released anti- PML-N half page advertisement. Ad agencies highlighted achievements in agriculture and industrial sectors in last five years besides promotional items. Layout of advertisements was attractive and slogan “Sab Jantay Hain, Sab Mantay Hain” was truly convincing. People liked electoral campaign of Syed Masum Shah Bacha of PK- 21. Supplement of Muzaffar Malik Kaki, NA- 29, was informative. Candidates of ANP became highest victims of terrorist attacks and bomb blasts during 21-day electoral campaign. It did not consistently repeat its “Core Ads”.
  14. 14. Progressive columnists wrote in favor of ANP and against terrorists. Election symbol and leadership awareness level was 99% in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Advertising Campaign of MQM It was based on manifesto and achievements in last five years. Ad agencies highlighted Altaf Hussain as leader. Empowering People was the slogan. Ad agencies highlighted achievements in industrial sector in last five years besides using promotional items. Layout of advertisements was elegant. Progressive columnists wrote in favor of MQM and against terrorists. Election symbol “Kite” and leadership awareness level was 99% in Karachi. Advertising Campaign of JI It was based on manifesto and comprehensive in nature. It used slogan,
  15. 15. Tabdili Kay Nisan - Allah, Muhammad and Quran Jamaat Islami did not release adverts in leading newspapers, however, candidates released adverts themselves. Mian Aslam regularly advertised in Daily Jang besides using outdoor media. Jasarat, Jehad and Takbeer are leading newspapers of Jamaat. Sabir Hussain Awan, candidate from NA-4 also advertised. Jamaat Islami used dummy ballot papers for female voters in Lower Dir. It is commendable initiative. Advertising Campaign of JUI-F It was based on manifesto. Jamiat Ulmae Islam did not release adverts in leading newspapers, however, candidates released adverts themselves. Haji Ghulam Ali of NA-3 released adverts in Daily Mashriq Peshawar. JUI directly criticized Imran Khan and ANP in its conventions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  16. 16. Advertising Campaign of QWP It was based on manifesto. Qaumi Watan Party did not release adverts in leading newspapers, however, candidates released adverts themselves besides using other communication means. Abdul Ghaffar Mahmand of NA-10 released adverts in newspapers. Aftab Ahmad Sherpao directly criticized ANP in conventions. QWP should have advertised new industrial estate in newspapers. Findings
  17. 17. Election Commission of Pakistan announced election schedule for political parties and independent candidates. Three weeks were given for electoral campaign. PPPP did not publish 4-year and 5-year performance report thus ad agencies could not get authentic information. Awareness level about election symbols; Arrow, Tiger, Bat, Scale, Lantern and Book was 100% throughout the country. PPPP has countrywide presence. Fee of party tickets is known. It is the most transparent and leading political party of Pakistan. It has working relations with ANP and MQM. It spent substantial budget on media. Print and electronic advertising campaigns of PML-N are not against PPP and PTI. Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has emerged as a national political party. Its funding campaign and volunteer change initiatives have made it number 1 party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  18. 18. ANP is also a peace loving and transparent political party of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Its workers and leaders have sacrificed their lives for progressive province and FATA. Nawaz Sharif was declared pro-Taliban and anti-media. He did not object half-page advertisements of PPPP published in Daily Jang (Rawalpindi, Peshawar). Official ad agencies of PML-N could not come up with persuasive ads during 21-day electoral campaign. They even did not repeat core adverts. APML, GPMHT, Jamaat Islami, Quami Watan Party, Tehreek-e-Tahafuz Pakistan and Jamiat Ulmae Islam did not hire services of professional ad agencies and PR firms. General Elections are a regular phenomenon. Ad agencies did not plan to tap business potential of Rs.6 to 7 billion. No advertising agency followed party values, imagery, typeface and grid system for developing promotional campaigns except Fasttrack.
  19. 19. Printing presses of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa earned more profit than the advertising agencies in Karachi and Islamabad. Newspapers and TV Channels increased rates of advertisement for political parties. Jang Group of Publications earned more income than rest of newspapers and TV channels. Website is a mean of information and interaction yet websites of several political parties are not update. PR firms did not improve these web portals. Symbol-cum-name carrying cap of Rs.30 used by candidates in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was most effective promotional item of Elections 2013. Advertising agencies and PR firms did not advocate for vote of overseas Pakistanis, female votes of FATA and local government system. Advertising agencies did not recommend and use digital media i.e. online papers of
  20. 20. Pakistan, bulk emailing and door-to-door campaign in their communication strategies. No political party and candidate used Mobile Advertising i.e. bulk SMS during general elections 2013. Despite of law and order situation, general elections were held in free and fair manner. Political parties criticized rigging in election. Advertisements of leading telecom companies did not appear in print media during 1 to 10 May 2013. Telecom companies should have depicted themselves as reliable media. It is concerning to cell phone users. Admiral (R) Javed Iqbal and General (R) Mirza Aslam Baig also did not hire services of ad agencies. Recommendations In next general elections in 2018, advertising budget for candidates of national and
  21. 21. provincial assemblies must be increased by Election Commission of Pakistan. Election Commission of Pakistan must run awareness program for female voters of FATA and neglected areas like Lower Dir. Political parties must centralize funds at provincial headquarters for uniform advertising campaign with less cost. Sitting governments must be asked to release annual performance reports regularly for information of stakeholders. Outdoor campaign of Imran Khan Mohmand, an independent candidate from PK-27 Mardan is best one and must be given award on merit. Edelman, KBS+, Catalina, Nielsen, Outrigger Media, Engine Group and 72andsunny must be attracted to establish their offices in Pakistan. Calculate Print Budget
  22. 22. You have read advertisements of political parties in the following newspapers. Now you can calculate the budget by adding 16% GST. Daily Mashriq Peshawar Front half-page 4-color Rs.5.4 Lac Back half-page 4-color Rs.3.24 Lac Daily Jang Rawalpindi Front half-page 4-color Rs. Lac Back half-page 4-color Rs. Lac Daily Aaj Peshawar Front half-page 4-color Rs.3.24 Lac Back half-page 4-color Rs.2.6 Lac Daily Nawa-i-Waqt Lahore
  23. 23. Front half-page 4-color Rs.8.64 Lac Back half-page 4-color Rs.6.48 Lac Daily Express Rawalpindi Front half-page 4-color Rs.3.4 Lac Back half-page 4-color Rs.2.26 Lac Calculate Radio Budget
  24. 24. You have heard commercials on Radio channels. Now you can calculate the budget by adding 16% GST. FM-101 Peshawar 60 Sec Spot Rs.725 30 Sec Spot Rs.363 FM-101 Karachi 60 Sec Spot Rs. 30 Sec Spot Rs. FM-100 Lahore 60 Sec Spot Rs. 30 Sec Spot Rs. Calculate Television Budget
  25. 25. You have watched commercials and talk show on Television channels. Now you can calculate the budget by adding 16% GST. GEO TV 30 Sec Spot Rs. Talk Show Rs. Express TV 30 Sec Spot Rs. Talk Show Rs. Media Summary
  26. 26. Put calculated figures in relevant box. Party Print TV Radio Outdoor SMS PPPP PTI PML-N ANP MQM Jamaat Islami JUI-F Tehreek Tahafuz Pakistan PML-Q APML
  27. 27. Candidate Electoral Clout Calculate influence-percentage in relevant box. Candidat e Print TV Radio Email SMS Clout XYZ Y Y N Y Y 80% Faisal Sakhi Butt Danial Aziz Ahsan Iqbal Yasmin Rashid Faryal Talpur Nabil Gabol Ali Musa Gillani Asfand Yar Wali Ameer Haider Hoti Aftab Sherpao Shehbaz Sharif
  28. 28. Candidate Electoral Clout Candidat e Banner Poste r Doo r Public Meeting Vehi cle Clout XYZ Y Y N Y N 60% Faisal Sakhi Butt Danial Aziz Ahsan Iqbal Yasmin Rashid Faryal Talpur Nabil Gabol Ali Musa Gillani Asfand Yar Wali Ameer Haider Hoti Aftab Sherpao Shehbaz Sharif
  29. 29. Banner – Electoral Medium Professionals of Ad Agencies and Printing Presses take part in designing and printing of banners. Specialized professionals install banners at electricity polls and prominent places. These persons become voice of candidates because they take active part. About 80000 voters watch the banners daily for continuous 21 days. For cost-effectiveness, usually a single candidate prints out 200 to 500 banners for his or her constituency. Business Opportunity for Youth Advertising sector is prime sector of economy and there are more than 20 suspended ad agencies. There is great potential of advertising and public relations in provincial capitals. It has been reported that some candidates spend more than Rs.50 lac on their electoral campaigns.
  30. 30. This study has estimated Rs.10 to Rs.12 billion advertising and PR business in general elections 2013. Pakistan Advertising Association and Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry can verify independently advertising business potential. Youth and foreign ad agencies must enter into advertising arena of Pakistan to better serve political parties and independent candidates. Activation of 220 Political Parties Some independent candidates spent more budget than political parties like General Pervez Musharaf Himayat Tehreek. Advertising agencies and PR firms must cultivate long term relations with political parties. They must chalk out strategies for fund raising for parties including Tehreek Tahufuz Pakistan. They must offer solutions like web TV and Radio channels. Ad agencies
  31. 31. must approach to Air Marshal (R) Asghar Khan and other political leaders. 3 World Records Two hundred banners of 5x3 feet by a single candidate mean 3000 feet. If you multiply it with 10000 candidates, it comes to 30 million feet banner displayed for 21 days in Pakistan. Exact banner size still has to be measured. Centimeters of print advertisements of PPP-P have to be minutely measured because it is also a world record in electoral campaigns. Television airtime used by all political parties especially PPP-P still has to be measured by Election Commission of Pakistan. Pakistan Advertising Association and Election Commission of Pakistan must apply free-of-cost for abovementioned two records to Guinness World Records Ltd, London.
  32. 32. Voter Statistics Province / Area Male Female Total Voters Turnout Baluchistan 1,915,388 1,421,271 3,336,659 38.8% FATA 1,142,234 596,079 1,738,313 36% Federal Area 337,900 288,064 625,964 61% Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 7,008,533 5,257,624 12,266,157 45% Punjab 27,697,701 1,561,633 49,259,334 57% Sindh 10,490,631 8,472,744 18,963,375 53%
  33. 33. Advertising Agencies There are more than 100 ad agencies in Pakistan serving organizations and brands. Adetude Adgroup Adreach Channel 7 Fasttrack Interflow MCOM Midas Orange Orient The Concept Thoughts Vibrant
  34. 34. About the Author Sajid Imtiaz hails from Islamabad and has served in leading ad agencies in Islamabad and Peshawar. In 1994, he has served in College of Army Education, Murree. Besides expert member of CDKN, he is editor-in-chief of Daily 10 Minutes, 1st Pakistani online paper with balance sheet. He has set a world record of reporting more than 100 cyber crimes in 8 months to Internet Crime Complaint Center. Married Sajid lives in Islamabad. Contact: