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Dwindling Ad Agencies of Islamabad


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In wake of 18th Amendment to the Constitution, advertising agencies in Islamabad are facing business generating problems. Fazal Abbas requests Daily 10 Minutes to highlight the problem. (Sajid Imtiaz)

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Dwindling Ad Agencies of Islamabad

  1. 1. I would like to draw the attention of upcoming Federal Government on debacle of advertising agencies especially in Islamabad. Following two points have gutted the advertising industry: 1- Devolution of 17 Ministries to provinces has incapacitated the advertising agencies to flourish. 2- Only a few agencies’ owners introduced unethical means to get business but the entire industry has to pay the price thus is in critical condition. Because of above said reasons and downfall of economic condition, a large number of experienced people have become jobless. As Imran Khan, Prime Minister in waiting vowed that his government would resuscitate the business condition throughout Pakistan by taking pragmatic measures. In other words he pledged to make New Pakistan. Therefore a sincere effort needs to be made to get us out of this rut and revive advertising industry. Dwindling Advertising Agencies of Islamabad Fazal Abbas: Manager Circle Advertising