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Design DNA


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Design solves human problems.

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Design DNA

  1. 1. Design DNA Traditional Elements  Line  Shape  Color  Typeface  Phonetic  Sense Modern Elements  Imagery  Color Palette  Font & Line  Melody  Look & Feel Imagery  Factual  Symbolic Facebook uses alphabet “F” whereas Twitter uses “Sparrow”. Both are easily recognizable. Look and feel of Sparrow is better. Color  Digital Red-Green- Blue [RGB]  Printing Cyan-Yellow- Magenta- Black [CMYK] Typography  Serif  Sans Serif Designers consciously use either Serif Family or SS Family. Sound  Silky  Shrill Sony enjoys silky phonetic whereas Pepsi enjoys shrill sound. Principles of Design  Movement  Balance  Emphasis  Unity Sajid Imtiaz: Creative Director, Xnine Communication