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Backdating on Social Media


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Backdating is a serious issue and must be dealt sagaciously.

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Backdating on Social Media

  1. 1. Backdating on Social Media
  2. 2. Everyone including analysts and freelance writers has been using the digital media. Countries are making laws for responsible internet communication and internet crimes control. Facebook’s timeline promotes backdating entries and posting. We must appreciate efforts of Internet Crime Complaint Center. One cannot share a recent issue or news item in back date(s). Researchers have online projects and theses and they update their projects and findings from time to time. Backdating is a serious issue. Writers and publishers must ethically and clearly inform backdating for effective mass digital communication. Daily 10 Minutes admits backdating for up-to-date information and it deserves appreciation. In Pakistan, PEMRA and PTA must set up a committee for backdating communication.
  3. 3. Sajid Imtiaz Expert Member, CDKN Member, Pakistan Society of Criminology Member, Harvard Business Review Feedback: Visual: Google