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Adpersons Future


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Future of advertising workers is secure and bright in Pakistan. (Sajid Imtiaz)

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Adpersons Future

  1. 1. Right of Adpersons EOBI
  2. 2. Advertising Agencies 140 Active Employees 700 Annual Pension Rs.43200 / person Total Annual Pension Rs.30.2 Million 2013-14
  3. 3. Advertising Agencies 132 Active Employees 660 Annual Pension Rs.72000 / person Total Annual Pension Rs.47.5 Million 2014-15
  4. 4. In Pakistan, Employees Oldage Benefits Institution (EOBI) ensures pension for employees of private concerns including advertising agencies. Ad agencies pay 5% monthly wages of employees to EOBI and get registration cards. Nowadays minimum pension is Rs.3600 per month. Keeping in view inflationary trends, it is very difficult to live with the meager pension amount. In fiscal budget 2014-15, federal government has fixed minimum pension to Rs.6000 per month. Sajid Imtiaz: Chief Editor, Daily 10 Minutes More than 25 ad agencies remain suspended throughout the year, therefore, chairman EOBI is requested to conduct thorough research in all sectors of economy for welfare and wellbeing of workers in private sector including print and electronic media.