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Constitutional Umpires of Pakistan


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Three Constitutional Umpires are known to everybody for ensuring sustainable democracy in Pakistan.

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Constitutional Umpires of Pakistan

  1. 1. 1st Umpire Election Commission of Pakistan Sajid Imtiaz: Ex Naib Subedar (1-Brass Star Officer), AEC, Pakistan Army PTI & PATGovernment 2nd Umpire Supreme Court of Pakistan 3rd Umpire President of Pakistan Sustainable Democracy of Pakistan Pakistan is a democratic country. General elections and local government elections have been conducted by ECP. Pakistan Tehreek Insaf and Pakistan Awami Tehreek are blaming for pre-poll rigging and widespread corruption respectively. Civil servants and citizens are perplexed. There is trust deficit. Imran Khan has lately introduced 3rd Umpire term in politics of Pakistan. Media talkers could not comprehend the 3rd Umpire. Let me be very clear that Pakistan Army is not the 3rd Umpire. Government should change its tunnel-vision advisors at once.