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Personal Mission Statement


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form to create a personal mission statement

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Personal Mission Statement

  1. 1. Personal Mission Statement a value statement that includes your mission, your unique approach, and the benefits you provide (sometimes called a Unique Selling or Value Proposition, USP or UVP) WHO you are - introduce yourself Hi, I'm (name) WHAT you do I'm a (job description &/or metaphor for what you do) MISSION - The problem you solve My mission is to (solve this problem) WHY -Because of what beliefs/values Because I believe in (this) VALUES WHAT you provide I provide (this product or service) WHO you help to help (this target audience) VALUE for these results/benefits So they can (these results and benefits) HOW you are unique I do this by (doing this in this unique way) Elevator Speech or Verbal Business Card to create interest and spark a conversation (30-60 seconds) Be prepared to expand with: • A story about an impact you have had • a project you are working on • statistics regarding the problem you solve • Vision for what the world could look like if you succeed.