National Statistics Office: OJT presentation


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National Statistics Office: OJT presentation

  1. 1. Contents I. Rationale II. Body The Agency Vision Mission Core Values Mandate Function Nature of Work III. Personal Experience IV. LessonsLearned
  2. 2. NATIONAL STATISTICS OFFICE Rationale(NSO;organization assumed its responsibilitiesThe Filipino: Pambansang Tanggapan ngEstadistika) is the Philippine(C.A.) No. 591majorwhen Commonwealth Act governments wasstatistical on August 19, 1940. It was then knownapproved agency responsible in collecting,compiling, classifying, producing, Statistics (BCS).as the Bureau of the Census and publishing, anddisseminating general-purpose and StatisticsIt became the National Census statistics asprovided for in Commonwealthwas No. 591. to beOffice (NCSO) in 1974 until Act renamed. National Statistics Office in 1987.the
  3. 3. Vision The National Statistics Office is a recognizedworld-class provider of statistical and civilregistration products and services. Mission As the primary statistical agency of thegovernment, the National Statistics Office producesand provides quality statistical and civil registrationproducts and services.
  4. 4. We are committed to meet the expectations ofour clientele for prompt, reliable and efficientservices.We recognize the value of our human resources and continue to promote their general welfare and well-being.In harmony, we strive for higher productivity –inspiring creativity and innovativeness. CoreWe instill discipline and uphold integrity as animperative in our transactions. ValuesWe value professionalism and aim forexcellence in our products and servicesHumbly, we seek the guidance of ourDivine Providence in all our undertakings.
  5. 5. History The National Statistics Office (NSO) was first called Bureau of the Census and Statistics (BCS) when Commonwealth Act (C.A.) No. 591 was approved on August 19, 1940. Executive Order No. 314 transferred to the BCS the powers, functions, duties, personnel, appropriations, property and records of other statistical agencies effective January I, 1941. Presidential Decree No. 418 issued on March 20, 1974 reconstituted the BCS into a new agency known as the National Census and Statistics Office (NCSO) under the administrative supervision of the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA).
  6. 6. History In 1987, by virtue of Executive Order No. 121 entitled "Reorganizing and Strengthening the Philippine Statistical System and for Other Purposes," the NCSO as renamed National Statistics Office was placed under the Office of the President. Executive Order No. 149 dated December 28, 1993 was issued by the Office of the President entitled "Streamlining of the Office of the President". By virtue of this order, the NSO was placed again under the administrative supervision of the NEDA for effective policy and program coordination and integration.
  7. 7. History Executive Order No. 5 dated October 23, 1999 was issued by the Office of the President entitled "Strengthening the National Statistics Office" through decentralization of statistics generation activities, transformation of Central Office units into more developmental planning and evaluation units, and increased application of information technology in its operations.
  8. 8. Mandate1. Prepare for and undertake all censuses on population, agriculture, commerce, and industry2. Conduct statistical surveys by enumeration, sampling, and other methods3. Compile and classify other statistical data and information4. Conduct social and economic studies and make projections of population, agricultural production, income, and the number of livestock5. 5. Publish and disseminate all information related to the aforementioned functions
  9. 9. Mandate6. Assist the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), formerly the Statistical Advisory Board of the National Economic and Development Authority, in the formulation of a continuing comprehensive statistical program for the government7. Provide technical assistance and support to projects of other statistical agencies and institutions8. Carry out and administer the provisions of Act. No. 3753, entitled "An Act to establish a Civil Register" and other laws on civil registration; and9. Issue authorization to solemnizing officers in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 of the Family Code of the Philippines
  10. 10. Batch Requests Entry Systems / MOA with partner agencies (LGU/Travel Agency / Academe / NGO) Accredited Travel Agency / LO What are the Requirements: Filled up - Application Form-AF (Birth/Marriage/Marriage/Death/Certificate of No Marriage Record) For Birth Certificate Application Only: Valid ID is required for both owner and requester of documents. Authorization and ID of the document owner together with the requesters ID are required if the requester is not any of the following: a. document owner; b. his or her parent; c. his or her spouse; d. his or her direct descendant; e. legal guardian/institution in-charge, if minor.
  11. 11. AccessibilityThe Philippines National Statistics Office is committed toproviding a website that is accessible to the widestpossible audience, regardless of technology or ability.We are actively working to increase the accessibility andusability of our website and in doing so adhere to many ofthe available standards and guidelines.Mezzanine Floor Elena TowerInn Building Telephone: (063) 221-3275National Highway, Tibanga Fax: (063) 221-6433Iligan City, Lanao del Norte E-Mail: nsoldn@yahoo.com9200