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DailyIdea - Pitch Deck Template


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Investor validated pitch deck for fundraising and idea presentation. Check out for more cool startup ideas and follow me on twitter @JordanKatzArow

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DailyIdea - Pitch Deck Template

  1. 1. Pitch sentence, max 140 characters my company, _(insert name of company)_, is developing _(a defined offering)_ to help _(a defined audience)_ _(solve a problem)_ with _(secret sauce)_”. Founder Name
  2. 2. 2The problem• What is the problem, that you’re solving• Describe at least 3 reasons• #1 Reason• #2 Reason• #3 Reason @TwitterUsername
  3. 3. 3The solution Your solution + We developed Web and Mobile platform Custom Mobile APP  How it will solve the problems  What else? @TwitterUsername
  4. 4. TIP: Get the BIGGEST market size. Use references such 4 as Gartner and etc.Market size 50% of organizations that manage ____ processes will ____ those processes by 2015 70% of Global 2000 organizations will have 50.5 Billion + at least 1 _____ application by 2014 200% growth in 2012 {RESEARCH AGENCY, i.e M2 research, Gartner} in U.S by 2015 15.09.2011Gartner reckons that by 2014, more than 70% of the Forbes’ major companies will have at least one ______ application. @TwitterUsername
  5. 5. 5Market validationSAP acquired XXXX for $3.5 billion.Salesforce bought XXXXXX for $65M “Every Startup CEO Should Understand YOUR APP” ~SOME EXPERT Gartner Group predicts ________be a key trend that every CIO, IT planner and enterprise architect must be aware of as it relates to business @TwitterUsername
  6. 6. 6Business model TIP: Type up to 3 revenue models more here: Direct Training Support sales Direct monetize *Subscription per customer @TwitterUsername
  7. 7. 7 AffordableCompetition SMB Enterprise Expensive @TwitterUsername
  8. 8. 8Competitive Advantages 1st In U.S Targeting the Developed core /European SMB/Enterprise product market sector BEST EXPERTS Enterprise sales consultants into experience the team @TwitterUsername
  9. 9. 9Marketing plan• Online – Partner with notable companies – Adwords Campaigns – Generate SEO via {EXPERT} groups, magazines – Articles for {EXPERT} industry• Offline – Software distributors – Event sponsorships @TwitterUsername
  10. 10. 10Team Yoda Joe Programmer Steve Obi Wan CEO/Founder PHP developer/Geek Graphic designer PHP Ninja After fund phase: leading sales and XXX experts ready to join @TwitterUsername
  11. 11. 11Financing TIP: Define the financing milestonesMilestone #1:Product development and sales start 2 months 100,000 USD seeking @TwitterUsername